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Susan LoganAs editor of CAT FANCY, the worlds most widely read cat magazine, I'm proud to welcome you to the Cat Channel, the Internet for cat lovers. As mom to two felines myself, I'm pleased that there is finally one place where Web users can find the latest information on caring for their cat, find solutions to perplexing behavior problems, have their questions answered by our veterinary expert, interact with other cat lovers and share stories, letters and photos. As you move through the site, you'll discover even more exciting information. You made the right choice to visit us online, and were glad you are here!

Susan Logan

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We welcome feedback from our readers and online visitors. Please send an e-mail to, or write to Purrs and Hisses, CAT FANCY, P.O. Box 6050, Mission Viejo, CA 92690-6050. Correspondence that appears in the magazine may be edited for length and clarity. Please include your name, address and e-mail address. Submissions are for CAT FANCY magazine and will not appear online. To be considered for publication, your question or comment must include your full name and address.

Submissions are for CAT FANCY magazine and will not appear online. To be considered for publication, your question or comment must include your full name and address.

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About the Magazine

Cat Fancy MagazineCelebrating its 45th anniversary in 2010, CAT FANCY is your complete guide to help you better understand, care for and enjoy your cat.  Get important healthcare advice, nutrition tips, in-depth breed profiles, and insights into your cats behavior.  Plus, share the learning experiences and special stories of cat lovers just like you and get a colorful centerfold poster in each issue.

CAT FANCY is published by I-5 Publishing LLC., America's leading producer of pet and animal magazines. Our roster of more than 50 publications is distributed internationally to millions of pet-loving consumers just like you, as well as pet store retailers, veterinarians, and breeders.

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Reader Comments

Cat Fancy Editors    Irvine, CA

4/3/2014 12:05:04 PM

Sheri -- We are reaching you now to address this. It appears as if you were contacted by an unauthorized agent.LINK You can see our privacy policy here: LINK

Sheri    North Atlanta, GA

4/2/2014 2:05:32 PM

Subscribed to Cat Fancy magazine and was contacted by a third party administrators to renew the subscription. No one from Cat Fancy from subscriber services to the corporate office can tell me how my information was shared to a 3rd party. Beware everyone, they sell your information and then tell you they do not know how that happened!!

merv hanson    milwaukee, WI

3/30/2014 5:20:48 AM

Why don't you make it easer to contact you for putting an add in your mag.

Wanda    Monroe, LA

11/14/2013 2:32:17 PM

I have a story to tell you, which you may or may not choose to print. However, I feel it is in the best interests of deaf kitty cats for me to bring this to light. I have a deaf kitty, and I have NEVER considered him as handicapped or special needs because he is deaf. Honestly, I consider all my pets as "special" "needs". By that I mean, they are a "special" gift from God. They also have "needs" that only their human can provide if they are to stay safe, healthy and happy for life. So, imagine my surprise at a pet adoption event when a cat owner used the excuse for not getting another kitty as being the fact that they had a special needs cat. Thinking maybe it was missing leg or had some disease, I said I appreciated them caring for a kitty who had excessive vet bills and that I could certainly sympathize as I am putting all of my vets' children through college! Their response floored me. They advised there were no extra vet bills. Their cat was deaf. Seriously?!? If you don't want a playmate for your cat, just say so, but don't blame it on your cat being deaf. That's a totally ridiculous idea, and it will scare away other people from adopting a deaf kitty. So, let me tell you about deaf cats. They are a miracle. When it thunders, they don't react. Passing emergency vehicles blaring sirens are cause for no concern. Neither is the vacuum cleaner, blow dryer, electric razor nor an out of balance washing machine. Other cats in the household, of which I have four more, quickly learn not to run in abject terror and hide from unexpected noises. If something is particularly loud, the others occasionally raise their heads, look at Magic, who of course is not reacting, and they continue on uninterrupted because Magic let them know by his calm demeanor that there was no reason to worry, run or hide. To me a deaf kitty in the midst is the best stress reliever you can ever offer your other kitties. I will always have a deaf kitty in my house. They are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for taking the time to read my diatribe. =^.,.^=

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