A Point to Make

The Snowshoe captivates with charm and good looks.

By Elisa Jordan

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Modern pet product manufacturers have taken strides in the past few decades to make products safer, better looking and more efficient. One thing manufacturers of modern water dispensers didn’t anticipate, however, is life with a Snowshoe.

“I had one Snowshoe that liked playing with water so much he’d stand on top of the bottle to knock it out of the container,” says Mary Schlagel, an Illinois-based Snowshoe breeder since 1989. “He’d get two liters out of the container so that he could splash. I finally gave up on that thing — not him, but the bubbler.”

Schlagel’s mischievous cat embodies two of the Snowshoe’s most charming traits: a fondness for play and a love of water. If the cat can combine the two, so much the better.

Snowshoes also enjoy things that fly in the air, according to Lynne Pilny of Georgia, who, along with her husband, Jim, has bred Snowshoes for about 15 years. “They also love little fuzzy balls because they can carry them in their mouths,” she says. “They dunk all their toys, then they’ll dig them out of the water bowl and come and put them on your lap.”

Barbara Roth, a California-based Snowshoe breeder for 10 years, adds this caution: “You have to learn to keep the lid down on your toilets, or they will play in them and drown their toys.”

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A Point to Make

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Reader Comments

Susan    Gig Harbor, WA

3/22/2009 9:27:46 PM

Glad to find it. Not much info available on the snowshoe water thing. We have same problem with the water dispenser, what a mess. Diva was dumped in our yard and we love her. We have a grey tabby and a black cat too. Problem is, Diva makes it difficult for water to be available to the other cats and herself because she wants to dump the dispenser and watch the fun...for her. Any suggestions, I've had to abandon the water dispenser. Susan in Washington

Dianne    Bloomington, IL

11/15/2006 11:18:17 AM

I loved the article! I saw it in my veterinarian's waiting room and when I showed it to him (he's the vet for my 4 purebred Snowshoes), he said "Go ahead, take it."

The statement that Snowshoes get up in the morning with an agenda is so true! My three young Snowshoes, 3 years and two 1 year olds--all full brothers--all wake up with an agenda. The boys are always in the same room that we are. They are all loving. They are clowns. They are busy. They are creative. And they go straight to your heart as kindred spirits.

Judy    Mount Vernon, WA

11/11/2006 9:52:45 AM

I have a wonderful Snowshoe Siamese male, Chai, that was rescued and adopted as a stray (Lucky me!)and have tried without success to buy the December issue of Cat Fancy. A friend told me about this issue, which she discovered in her vet's waiting room, that has a special feature on Snowshoes. After checking just about every store in the county that I can think of, I decided to try your web site. Can I order this special issue online? Then I will happily subscribe so I can receive every monthly issue!
Thank you!

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