Cat Bath Quiz

Scrub A Dub-Dub: Are You Ready to Get Your Cat in the Tub?

By Erika Sorocco

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Think you know everything about bathing your cat? Take this quiz to find out whether you have the know-how to get the job done, or if your cat is better off in the hands of a professional.

1. The best place to bathe a cat is in:
a) The sink
b) The shower
c) The bathtub
d) The swimming pool

2. When bathing your cat, the appropriate water temperature is:
a) Cold
b) Hot
c) Warm
d) Tepid

3. There are severall different types of shampoo. The best shampoo for your cat is:
a) Dog shampoo
b) Human shampoo
c) Cat shampoo
d) Baby shampoo

4. Proper attire when giving your cat a bath is:
a) A raincoat
b) Nothing at all
c) Old, comfortable clothes
d) Your finest attire

5. Before bathing your cat, it is important to:
a) Clip her fur
b) Brush out her fur
c) Rub her down with a towel
d) Spritz her with a water bottle

6. It is important to bathe a cat who has encountered:
a) Oil
b) Dust
c) Another cat
d) Food

7. One thing that helps to make the job easier is enlisting the help of:
a) An army
b) Your grandchildren
c) A friend
d) A dog

8. When bathing your cat, the water level in the tub should be:
a) 5 inches
b) ½ inch
c) 3 inches
d) 4 inches

9. The best way to start the process is by:
a) Dousing the cat with water
b) Submerging the cat in the water
c) Spraying the cat with water
d) Using a wet wash cloth

10. While bathing your cat, it is important to:
a) Stay completely silent
b) Scream at the top of your lungs
c) Speak soothingly
d) Verbally scold your cat

11. Trimming your cat’s nails should be done:
a) Prior to giving her a bath
b) After giving her a bath
c) While you’re giving her a bath
d) Never

12. Optional items to have nearby when bathing your cat include:
a) A cell phone
b) A soda
c) A cat muzzle
d) A magazine

13. Rinsing your cat is:
a) Unimportant
b) Very important
c) Somewhat important
d) A waste of time

14. Medicated shampoos can:
a) Harm the cornea
b) Leave your cat smelling great
c) Hurt your hands
d) Damage your cat’s skin

15. Putting cotton in your cat’s ears during a bath will:
a) Damage their eardrums
b) Have no effect
c) Stop them from hearing what is going on
d) Prevent water from getting into them

16. It is important to wrap your cat in a towel:
a) Before giving him a bath
b) After giving him a bath
c) Before removing him from the tub
d) After removing him from the tub

17. To ensure that all shampoo has been washed away, you should rinse your cat:
a) Three times
b) One time
c) Two times
d) Four times

18. If you own an outdoor cat, after bathing her, she should be allowed to play outside:
a) Immediately
b) The next day
c) A few hours later
d) A few minutes later

19. The most important thing to keep close by are:
a) Cotton balls
b) A towel
c) A bucket
d) A hose

20. When choosing a professional cat groomer, you should receive recommendations from:
a) Veterinarians
b) Random people on the street
c) No one
d) People who don’t own cats

1) c, 2) d, 3) c, 4) c, 5) b, 6) a, 7) c, 8) b, 9) d, 10) c, 11) a, 12) c, 13) b, 14) a, 15) d, 16) c, 17) a, 18) b, 19) b, 20) a

Count up your answers using the answer guide above, and grade yourself. Each correct answer is worth one point.

Congrats – 15 out of 20 correct! Your cat is in good hands.
Good job – you answered 10 out of 20 questions correctly! You’re on the right track.
Not bad – five out of 20 shows that you’re learning. Bathing your cat is a tough job, so be prepared!
Study up – zero out of 20 correct. Don’t give up! Simply try a little harder. And, if worse comes to worst, enlist the help of a cat groomer.

Give yourself a pat on the back! You now know everything about bathing your cat.

Erika Sorocco is a freelance writer living in Southern California. Her work has appeared in numerous national and international publications.

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Richard    Cape Cad, MA

10/12/2010 2:05:42 PM

How can you drown a thousand fleas in 1/2 of water . I put a ring of flea goop around my cats neck So the fleas dont "head" for higher ground (No pun intended) basically stand there for 10 minutes my cat loves the water as long as I stay calm so does he

Erin    Woburn, MA

12/23/2009 11:23:45 AM


Barbara    Quakertown, PA

9/10/2009 1:18:20 PM

Never thought to put cotton in her ears. Some good tips.

Shannon    Dana, IN

8/27/2009 3:00:45 PM

Very nice quiz

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