The Cheshire Cat Goes to Visit the Mad Hatter

You be the Cheshire cat?s guide on his journey and decide his fate.

By Laura Lee Bloor

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The Cheshire cat was out for a stroll on a delightful, sunny autumn Sunday. If he had been the more ambitious type, he might have even tried to catch a few birds or crickets. But as it was, he was happy just to be out enjoying the day. The Cheshire cat, actually known among friends as Frank, was on his way to visit his dear old friend The Mad Hatter, known as Bill, on the other side of the woods. Too much time had passed since they had a “Happy Un-birthday” celebration, complete with a nice cup of tea. The air was so fresh and crisp that Frank closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose in an attempt to capture every scent. However, as Frank sucked in the air around him, a peculiar smell mixed in with the odors of moist dirt, damp wood and fall foliage. What was that smell? It was heavily laced with smoke, which meant something must be cooking. It was something Frank had never before encountered. He didn’t even realize he had stopped walking and was drooling on himself.

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The Cheshire Cat Goes to Visit the Mad Hatter

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