Fight the Bathtub Terror

You can successfully bathe your cat ? it just takes preparation.

By Erika Sorocco

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Your cat always has been a clean creature. It cleans its face after every meal, grooms itself after a petting session and always keeps its fur immaculate. But suddenly, you notice a peculiar odor coming from your cat; or perhaps there’s a sticky substance clinging to its tail. You’re now faced with a big decision — to bathe or not to bathe?

Cats spend hours each day bathing themselves and rarely need help from their human counterparts. However, if your cat is covered in a toxic substance that it shouldn’t ingest, a bath is necessary.

**Get the December 2007 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article.**

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Fight the Bathtub Terror

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Reader Comments

Stacy Butler    Port Angeles, WA

11/16/2007 5:23:54 PM

I read this full article when I was at the library. I have to say that everything they said fit perfectly with my kitty. She goes outside, but not nearly as much as some cats. So thankfully she hasn't gotten into anything. But if and when she dose, now I know just the right way to get her call clean once again!

Mitchell    Edmonton, Alberta, AL

11/15/2007 8:57:35 AM

I think that in certain circumstances, a bath for your kitty is necessary. My cat doesnt mind the water at all, you just have to get him prepared and get him introduced to the water a little bit at a time.

Lisa    Chicago, IL

11/10/2007 7:32:39 AM

When I first got my cat, I didn't realize I was severely allergic. Thanks to Allegra D, brushing and bath time, I've been able to keep him. I've been bathing my 2 year old cat since he was a baby. He is so used to it now and loves it. I currently just got another kitten and already gave her the first bath.

Katarina    Brantford, ON

11/6/2007 10:01:39 AM

My female never gets a shower or a bath as she cleans herself extremely well. The boys love to get dirty and they do not help themselves as they should. They get a shower every season at least. They are used to it and although they would rather not they cooperate so it is over quickly. I give the boys a lot of support and kisses while they're showering and tell them that they're good boys so they don't think that the shower is punishment.

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