CAT FANCY's Editors' Choice Cat Products

See what cat products the editors chose for 2010.

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 Cat Fancy Editors' Choice Awards 2010

CAT FANCY editors went through oodles of products, and here are some of their favorites.

Meet the Editors

In most respects, cats will always perplex Associate Editor April Balotro (a life-long dog person), but she completely understands their love for a nice, long nap.

Managing Editor Annie Shirreffs has had cats all of her life. She lives with her husband and two young cats, Agatha and Rudyard, and also cares for the three feral cats who live in her back yard (one of whom is Rudyard's mother). Needless to say, she goes through a lot of cat food.

Editor Susan Logan grew up around animals in rural Michigan, where she raised her first feline friend Gulliver, a black-and-white tuxedo cat. She spent 14 years caring for a Tonkinese named Chamois and a Ragdoll named Chloe until they succumbed to age-related illnesses. She's currently mom to two Maine Coon mixes, Sophie and Madison.

Managing Web Editor Anastasia Thrift grew up with cats and raised her last one from a feral kitten. Her latest rescue — a lost cockatiel — has delayed her plans to adopt a new cat

Art Director Jerome Callens is currently catless. While he waits to find his perfect feline companion, he enjoys the company photo shoots where he can spend some time playing with various cats.

The PURRfect CrunchFeather Cat Toy provides unbeatable fun

PURRfect CrunchyFeather Cat Toy
$11. Vee Enterprises; 800-733-1903;
“The long wand and double feathers give my cat and me endless fun during playtime.”;


 Eco-friendly Fizzion is a great cleaner


$9.99 (bottle with 2-pack); $6.99 (refill). Fizzion; 863-734-0200;
“What a great concept for an Earth-friendly cleaner! It has a nice linen scent, and it's both economical and earth-friendly.”





EVO Weight Management Adult Cat Food and Cat Treats are great ways to help curb weigh gain in your cat EVO Weight Management Adult Cat Food and EVO Wild Cravings Weight Management Cat Treats
$7.50 to $46 (depending on size). Natura Pet Products; 800-532-7261; “I like that it's grain-free, so my chubby cat won't be getting extra carbs — and she loves the way it tastes!”
The Safari Cat BraidZ are beloved by cats because of the catnip

Safari Cat BraidZ 
$5.49 to $5.99. KONG Company; 303-216-2626;
“My cat loves toys — especially ones with catnip. The braid offers a place for her to easily grip it in her mouth.”


The O-Cedar ProMist cat hair cleaner

O-Cedar ProMist 
$21.99 (ProMist System); $7.99 (ProMist semi-disposable cloths); $8.99 (ProMist durable cloths). Freudenberg Household Products; 800-543-8105;
“This is a convenient way to keep my house free of cat hair, and it's really easy to use.”

The Sycamore cat tree house is a great way for your cat to self-entertain The "Sycamore"
$599. Pet Tree Houses LLC; 407-688-7717;
“I love the look of the natural wood and the removable carpet for easy cleaning. My cats spend hours on it.”
The Hidden Hollow Cat Tree provides a fun haven for your cat Hidden Hollow Cat Tree
$569 to $694. A Fantasy Forest; 407-327-1036;
“I love this unique and whimsical cat tree. What a paradise on Earth for kitties!”

The Kitty Bowl Cat Bed is sure to take over as your cats favorite nap spot Kitty Bowl Cat Bed
$65. Hollywood Kitty Company; 323-805-1776;
“My cat climbed in and curled right up — he loves it! It's his new sleeping spot of choice.”
The Sleepypod Air makes cat travel easier than ever before Sleepypod Air
$149.99. Sleepypod; 877-763-6963 ;
“This is a big improvement on the cat carrier. It's attractive, comfortable, lightweight and convenient. I also like that it's airline-approved.”
The Crater Dot cat bed is the next comfy spot for your cat Crater Dot
$73.99. Sleepypod; 877-763-6963 ;
“It's comfy and compact and doesn't take up too much room. My cat curled up in it right away.”
The Moppy and Kitten Kickaroo's appeal to both young kittens and old cats alike Moppy Kickeroo and Kitten Kickeroo
$4.49 to $4.99. KONG Company; 303-216-2626;
“The multiple textures and the noise the toys make appeals to both kittens and cats. My cats love these.”
Step 'n Play Pet Steps is an eco-friendly toy that your cat will love Step 'n Play Pet Steps 
$19.95. Imperial Cat; 501-354-8466;
“My cats really enjoy playing on this. I like that it's recycled and recyclable.”
 The Hooded Cat Bed will be the next place you catch your cat napping Hooded Cat Bed
$47.99. Precision Pet Products; 800-261-3523;
“It's so soft and plush. My cat loves burrowing in it.”
BISSELL's Ewww Enzyme-Powered Stain and Odor Remover is a hard-working stain remover Ewww Enzyme-Powered Stain & Odor Remover

$11.99. BISSELL Homecare, Inc.; 800-237-7691;
“If you have to get urine stains and odors out of a carpet, this product really works. It actually removes stains and odors instead of fading or covering them.”
Beth Anne's Finest All Natural Cat Litter is an eco-friendly and cat friendly litter Beth Anne's Finest All Natural Cat Litter

$9.99. Beth Anne's Finest All Natural Cat Litter; 319-821-3996;
“This is a great product to help my cats go green. I like that it's chemical- and fragrance-free as well as biodegradable.”

 Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Treats make giving your cat pills easier than ever Feline Greenies Pill Pockets Treats — Allergy Formula

$5.99. The GREENIES Brand; 866-473-3643;
“This is a creative way to administer pills to a cat. It really works!”
The SmartyKat CatChaise Scratcher doubles as a napping spot and a scratcher SmartyKat CatChaise Scratcher

$30 (available at Target). Worldwise, Inc.; 800-967-5394;
“The design makes it easy for my cat to sit in it and scratch to her heart's content.”
The multi-textured Large Pacific V Scratcher can serve as a rest spot and scratcher Large Pacific "V" Scratcher

$109.99 C&D Pet Products LLC; 888-554-7387;
“It's attractive and doesn't take up a lot of room. My cat loves the different surface textures.”
Drymate's Cat Litter Mat is a great way to ease up on the environmental impact of your cat Drymate Cat Litter Mat

$8.99 to $11.99 (depending on size.) RPM, Inc.; 800-872-8201;
“I'm trying to reduce my cats' carbon pawprint. I like having a washable litter mat, so I don't have to throw it away.”

Meet the Models

 Amelia Brenner meowed her way into the heart and home her new owner and is a great housemate Shortly after New Year's Day 2010, Amelia Brenner was rescued and taken to an animal shelter where she spent two months meowing and batting a furry paw at passersby. The strategy paid off: One-and-a-half-year-old Amelia now has the run of an entire apartment and her own carpeted kitty tower to lounge in. Her hobbies include opening cupboards and drawers, playing in the empty bathtub and chasing toys. She is also an avid birdwatcher.
Madison and Sophie Logan are social opposites but equally lovable Madison and Sophie Logan are 2-year-old Maine Coon mixes who were adopted from the Irvine Animal Care Center. Maddie is super outgoing with all two-legged and four-legged creatures, while Sophie is a one-person cat who enjoys being higher than anyone in the room. Both cats love their home and purr very loudly when their favorite person is in it.
Ziggy is a furball of energy who never stops playing and is always up for cuddling

Ziggy Sandler was an orphaned kitten who landed in foster care and was then brought to the Irvine Animal Shelter when he was 8 weeks old. Now in his permanent home, he adores his older sister Fudge and just wants to cuddle. He is obsessed with Fudge's tail and anything else that moves. He instigates energetic games at every opportunity and loves puzzle-type toys, cardboard boxes and paper packets. He is a voracious eater, enjoying all food, especially whatever is in Fudge's bowl.
Rudyard Shirreffs was rescued at 6 weeks old and hasn't stopped being a great family addition since

Born to a feral mother, 10-month-old Rudyard Shirreffs was introduced to the comforts of indoor living when he was rescued from a neighbor's backyard at the age of 6 weeks. He quickly made himself at home and became the newest member of the family. When not instigating wrestling matches with his older sister or chasing her around the house, he enjoys head scritches, hunting (and eating) bugs and napping in the linen closet.
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