Crafts for Cats

Try the step-by-step guides to these two cat toy projects to create a gift for your favorite cat or cat lover.

By Kristina Lotz

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There is nothing like spending a day making cat toys for your cat. Not only is the process fun, but seeing your cat’s reaction to something you made is truly unique and will bring closer to your cat. Plus, because you know your cat better than anyone else, you can make her a toy that contains all her favorite elements!

Below are directions for making two distinct cat toys, both of which can easily be varied according to whatever tickles your cat’s fancy.

Yarn Spider
What cat doesn’t like a ball of yarn? Pair it with 8 feathery legs and you got a dangle toy your cat will go crazy over – just make sure you don’t mistake it for a real one and squash it!

Supplies needed:
Yarn, any color (I used black)
2 yards feather boa, any color (I used green)
Dried Catnip (optional)

This easy-to-make cat toy only takes a few steps:
 Cat Craft Spider Step 1
Step 1:
Cut the 2 yards of boa into four equal pieces. Crisscross the pieces so that each “spider leg” is the same length from the center where they cross.
Step 2
Begin wrapping yarn around the boa pieces. Start by wrapping several times with four legs on each side of the yarn, to divide them. Then, wrap a couple of times between each leg. This is best accomplished by wrapping diagonally. After two or three wraps diagonally, wrap several more times in the direction that you started with. This creates a fat body with a distinct divide between the two sets of legs.
 Cat Craft Spider Completed
Step 3
Once you have wrapped the yarn around as many times you like to get the body the size you desire, simple knot the yarn at the top of the ball and cut it, leaving a long enough string to tie it to a pole or a doorknob, or to pull it with.
Cat Craft Spider Tested

If your cat is crazy about catnip, sprinkle some dried catnip every once and while as you wrap the yarn, so that it’s locked it inside the spider.

If you have a smaller cat, use half the amount of boa, for smaller legs, and make a smaller yarn body.
If your cat prefers crinkly material, you can use curly ribbon for the legs on the spider, using the same directions.

You can put a bell or something that shakes, squeaks, etc, inside the yarn ball as well.

The possibilities are endless on this fun toy!

Witch Crinkle Broom

Your cat will want to fly to the moon with this fun witch’s broom!

1 piece of 4-by-8-inch fabric (any breathable fabric is best so cat can smell catnip)
1 package of feathers
1 plastic bag
Dried Catnip
Hot glue gun with nontoxic glue sticks
Sewing machine or sewing needle and thread
Step 1
Fold your fabric piece in half so it is 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. I cut the top part at angle after folding, to make it look more “broom-like.” This is option and is not necessary for your cat’s enjoyment of the toy! Sew the open side. NOTE: Leave the bottom, straight edge, open.
Cat Crafts Broom Toy 
Step 2
Cut the plastic bag into several pieces, about 5 inches square in size. Wrap catnip into the plastic bag pieces and then stuff them into the broom from the bottom. The more your pack it, the more crinkly it will sound. You may even want to use more than one bag, depending on the actual size of your broom handle. I also sprinkled catnip on the outside of my broom (optional).
 Cat Craft Broom Toy Step 2
Gather up your feathers and make sure all the quills are at the same end (that’s the part people used to write with … before computers). Stuff them into the open end of the broom. Using the hot glue gun, glue them into place, be careful not to get glue on the outside.
 Cat Craft Broom Toy Completed

Make the broom any size you like to fit your cat. Simply make your rectangle smaller and use smaller feathers.

If your cat prefers crinkly items to feathers, replace the feathers with curly ribbon.

Add bells to the broom handle, or if your cat doesn’t like crinkly noises, replace the plastic bag with batting (stuffing).

Also, try filling the broom handle with catnip.
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