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December 2007
Cat Fancy December 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
CatChannel Exclusive: Meet Author Gabriella Herkert
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book “Catnapped: An Animal Instinct Mystery.” More>>
Thank Your Vet for a Healthy Pet Contest Winners
CAT FANCY and DOG FANCY announce the reader-nominated, regional finalists in the Thank Your Vet for a Healthy Pet contest. More>>
Pick the “Purr-fect” Present for Any Cat Lover
Take this quiz to find out how. More>>
The Cheshire Cat Goes to Visit the Mad Hatter
You be the Cheshire cat’s guide on his journey and decide his fate. More>>
Do you know everything about bathing your cat?
Take this quiz and find out. More>>
November 2007
Cat Fancy November 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
CatChannel Exclusive: Meet Author Karen Halligan, DVM
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book “Doc Halligan’s What Every Pet Owner Should Know: Prescriptions for Happy, Healthy Cats and Dogs.” More>>
Where the Wild Cats Are
Hear legendary movie star and animal advocate Tippi Hedren in her own words as she talks about her work to rescue exotic cats. More>>
10 Amazing Cat Facts
From Nora the piano playing cat, to Winston Churchill’s buddy, here are some fascinating cat facts we bet you never knew. More>>
Create a Cat
Create your own virtual cat with Cat Channel's latest interactive feature! More>>
Would Your Cat Make a Good Therapy Cat?
Take this quiz and find out. More>>
October 2007
Cat Fancy October 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
CatChannel Exclusive: Meet Author Bonnie Pemberton
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book The Cat Master. More>>
Is Your Cat Depressed?
This checklist will help you find out. More>>


Cat Health Quiz
25 questions to test your knowledge of feline healthMore>>
September 2007
Cat Fancy September 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
Cat Rescue Contest
Against All Odds Rescue Contest More>>
Meet Author Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, DVM
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer Stronger Life. More>>
Cat Behaviorist Tells Us How to Handle Pet Loss
Marilyn Krieger answers the tough questions on how you and your cat can handle grief. More>>
Crafting With CatChannel
Join CatChannel editor Susan Logan as CatChannel contributing editor Stacy Hackett shows how to create a scrapbook page in this video presentation of Crafting With CatChannel. More>>
August 2007
Cat Fancy August 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
5 Common Cat Health Questions Answered
CatChannel’s veterinary expert, Arnold Plotnick, DVM, answers your cat health questions. More>>
What’s Your Cat’s Personality?
Take CatChannel’s cat personality quiz and find out. More>>
Soothing Music for Cats
Play this calming music for your cats while you’re away, or enjoy it with the rest of your family during a relaxing night at home. More>>
Meet Author Shirley Rousseau-Murphy
Learn more about the woman behind the Joe Grey mystery series, including the latest installment, Cat Pay the Devil. More>>
Oldest Cat Contest
See more submissions to CAT FANCY’s Oldest Cat Contest. More>>
July 2007
Cat Fancy July 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
"Cooking with CatChannel" - Ooh La La, Oysters!
Join the CatChannel editors as they make yummy cat treats. More>>
"Cooking with CatChannel" - Tempting Tuna Treats
Join the CatChannel editors as they make yummy cat treats. More>>
Cat Kennel Checklist
Use CatChannel’s Cat Kennel Checklist to ensure your cat is safe and in excellent hands while you are away. More>>
Meet Author JoAnn Tuzeo-Jarolmen
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book, When a Family Pet Dies. More>>
Plants for Cats Quiz
How much do you know about plants for cats? More>>
June 2007
Cat Fancy June 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
Case of the Missing Cat
See if you can solve the mystery, and find your cat! More>>
Meet Authors Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky
Learn more about their collaboration on the latest Mrs. Murphy mystery, Puss N’ Cahoots. More>>
Curl Up with Kitty Online Edition
See 23 of the latest and greatest cat books to add to your collection. More>>
Does Your Cat Have ESP?
Participate in Dr. Rupert Sheldrake's ground-breaking research on cats with ESP, and share your results with him. More>>
Hurricane Katrina Cat United with Owner
A New Orleans resident risked law enforcement to find her cat. More>>
May 2007
Cat Fancy May 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
Meet Authors Linda and Allen Anderson
Learn more about the inspiration behind their latest book Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster. More>>

How Much Do You Know About Cat Allergies?
Do you sneeze at the thought of a cat? How much do you really know about cat allergies, and keeping them at bay? Take our quiz and find out! More>>

3 Winning Cat Enclosures
Create a safe outdoor haven for your cat in any space, on any budget. More>>
How to Turn an Animal Shelter into a No-Kill Facility
Nathan Winograd, director of the No Kill Advocacy Center of San Clemente, Calif., explains how he made the dream come true and how you can too. More>>
Spring into Style
Five hot must-have handbags for the new season. More>>
April 2007
Cat Fancy April 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
Meet Author Clea Simon
Find out the inspiration behind her latest book, Cattery Row. More>>
Artist and Author Cynthia von Buhler Talks about Her Cats
Hear artist Cynthia von Buhler, author of the children’s book The Cat Who Wouldn’t Come Inside, talk about some of her cats. More>>
Rescue of the Month: Libby’s Legacy
A local legend disappears. More>>
How to Introduce a New Kitten to a Needy Kitten
Five simple tips to make the introduction go smoothly. More>>
My Cat’s Vaccination Record
Printable chart to help you keep track of your feline's vaccinations. More>>
March 2007
Cat Fancy March 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) in Older Cats
Learn what it is and 4 options for increasing your cat’s comfort. More>>
Rescue of the Month: Libby’s Legacy
A local legend disappears. More>>
Meet Nina Malkin
In her book, An Unlikely Cat Lady, Malkin relates how she cares for a feral cat colony. Here on CatChannel, she explains how she wrote her book. More>>
Pets for the Elderly Foundation Plays Match-Maker
How one organization helps senior citizens and cats find a lov connection. More>>
More Submissions to CAT FANCY’s Annual Cat and Kitten Photo Contest
See more fabulous submissions to one of CAT FANCY’s most popular contests! More>>
A Success Story
How Project Bay Cat is humanely reducing the feral cat population in Foster City, Calif. More>>
February 2007
Cat Fancy February 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
All In The Family
Read another touching Rescue of the Month story about the Grant County Humane Society and Suzy. More>>
Brush Up On Dental Care for a Difficult Cat
Tooth-brushing is an important contribution to your cat’s dental health. Get expert tips on how to provide this benefit to a cat who would rather not partake. More>>
Cat Health Concerns in Other Countries
See what veterinarians in Greece and France say are the greatest health concerns for cats living there compared to cats in the United States. More>>
Moving In: When Her Cat Meets His Dog
In the February issue of CAT FANCY, you’ll learn how to transition to a multi-cat household in six easy steps. Here, CatChannel shows you how to integrate cats and dogs when moving in with a significant other. More>>
Meet Katherine Grier
The author of Pets in America: A History talks about her new book and a close pet friend. More>>
Restore Peace in a Multi-Pet Household
Find out how to handle another new pet introduction. More>>
January 2007
Cat Fancy January 2007 CatChannel Exclusives
Bubba's Blubber Blog
Read the latest installment of Wendy’s blog about her pursuit to slim down Bubba. More>>
Meet Carole Nelson Douglas
The author of Cat in a Quicksilver Caper talks about her writing process and her inspiration, Midnight Louie. More>>


The Top 5 Places to Walk with Your Cat
See the best places to wander and explore with your cat. More>>
Web Videos Made Easy
Find out all the tools you’ll need and the basic information to make amazing cat videos. More>>

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