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December 2008
CAT FANCY December 2008
Catch Up With Author Sandy Robbins
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book Fabulous Felines: Health and Beauty Secrets for the Pampered Cat. More>>
What’s Your Deaf-Cat IQ?
Test your knowledge about the needs of these special kitties. More>>
Close Encounter With the Hemingway House Cats
The felines hold court at the Key West landmark. More>>
Against All Odds Rescues
Inspiring stories of everyday heroes who saved cats and gave them good homes. More>>
November 2008
CAT FANCY November 2008
Catch Up With Author Vicki Myron
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book “Dewey: A Small Town Library Cat Who Touched the World.” More>>
Men and the Cats Who Love Them
These four men want to show the world that it’s not just women who are crazy for felines. More>>
Hot Shots — Get Great Photos of Fluffy
Expert photographers share their tips on how to get the best images of your cat. More>>
Top 10 Ultimate Cat Grooming Tools
Easily transform your kitty from plain to stunning using an array of essential grooming tools. More>>
October 2008
CAT FANCY October 2008
You + Cat = Better Health?
Take our quiz to find out how a cat can improve your health. More>>
Checklist: Plan Ahead to Protect Your Cat
Use this checklist to provide care for your cat after you’re gone. More>>
Feline Hyperthyroidism Quiz
How much do you know about this common endocrine disease. More>>
Catch Up With Author Blaize Clement
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book “Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues.” More>>
To Touch a Cheetah
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Cheetah Run Safari video. More>>
September 2008
CAT FANCY September 2008
Renter's Checklist for Cat Owners
Learn how to find a cat-friendly rental and settle in with your cat. More>>
Entertaining Big Cats
Zoos use enrichment to keep big cats from becoming bored. More>>
Feline Feng Shui Author Interview
Paula Brown reveals how pets influence our life spaces in “Fur Shui.” More>>
Have Cat, Will Travel
Upload shots of your traveling cat to our photo gallery. More>>
August 2008
CAT FANCY August 2008
Cat Career Quiz
Which feline-centered job is best for you? More>>
Inside the Meezer Express
Siamese rescue network is likened to an Underground Railroad for cats. More>>
Top 10 Litterbox Tips
Follow these tips to help your cat avoid litterbox problems. More>>
Ask a Cat Sitter
Meet's newest expert, Manhattan cat sitter Jeanne Adlon. More>>
Love for Stray Cat Inspires Book
Meet Vic Rescovic, author of “A Cat Named Squeeky.” More>>
July 2008
CAT FANCY July 2008
Adventures in South America Slideshow
A Manhattan vet shares photos of the cats that captured his heart in Argentina and Chile. More>>
Top 10 Cat-Friendly Luxury Resorts
The pet perks at these posh digs are among the finest in the country. More>>
Organic and Natural Cat Food Quiz
Are you a nutritionally savvy pet food shopper? More>>
Meet Author and Illustrator Suzy Becker
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book “All I Need to Know I Learned From My Cat (And Then Some).” More>>
Tips for Flying With Your Cat
Preparation and the right attitude will make air travel with your cat a breeze. More>>
June 2008
CAT FANCY June 2008
Are You A Feral Cat Friend?
Take our feral cat quiz to find out. More>>
Dogs Help Save Cheetah From Extinction
Specially trained dogs guard livestock so ranchers can co-exist with cheetahs in Africa. More>>
Meet Your Cat Match
The cat or kitten of your dreams awaits you online. More>>
Home Alone Online Contest Results
We asked CatChannel and CAT FANCY readers to show us what their cats do at home all day. More>>
Holistic Cat Author Interview
Learn what Sandy Arora has to say about her book, “Whole Health for Happy Cats.” More>>
May 2008
CAT FANCY May 2008
What Role Does Your Cat Play in Your Life?
Take our quiz to explore the intricacies of your relationship with your cat. More>>
Cat Food Ingredient Glossary
Use this guide to choose quality food for your cat. More>>
The Cat Owner’s Guide to Parasites
Fleas, mosquitoes, mites, ticks, lice and sand flies are ectoparasites that can bug your cat. More>>
Human-Feline Bond Quiz
Does your cat help make up your personal identity? More>>
Catch Up With Author Clea Simon
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book “Cries and Whiskers.” More>>

April 2008
CAT FANCY April 2008
Tigers in Crisis
The world’s tigers are in danger of becoming extinct. More>>
Interview with a Pet Psychiatrist
A veterinary behaviorist explains how a consultation could help your cat. More>>
Listen up: Kitten Podcast
Kitten expert Dusty Rainbolt provides vital information about your kitten’s life stages. More>>
Quiz: Test Your Tiger Knowledge
Are you a tiger expert? Take our quiz to find out. More>>
Tiger Subspecies
Discover the world's six tiger subspecies. More>>
Meet the Editors of "The Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health"
Editor Cynthia Kahn and Associate Editor Scott Line divulge the inspiration behind the book. More>>
March 2008
CAT FANCY March 2008
Catch Up With Author Carole Nelson Douglas
Learn more about the inspiration behind her new mystery, “Cat in a Red Hot Rage.” More>>
Home Alone Online Cat Contest
Show us what your cat does all day for a chance to win a Pansonic webcam! More>>
Clicker Training Made Simple
Learn how to teach your cat new tricks in this amazing video featuring Marilyn Krieger. More>>
Fabulous Feline Design
Customize your home with these cat-friendly design tips. More>>
Web Videos Made Easy
Find out all the tools you’ll need and the basic information to make amazing cat videos. More>>
February 2008
CAT FANCY February 2008
Considering a Cat Tattoo?
Read these tattoo tips before you get inked. More>>
Cat Blood Type Quiz
How much do you know about feline hematology? More>>
Meet Author Diane Morgan
Learn more about her book, “The Sneeze-Free Cat Owner: Allergy Management and Breed Selection for the Allergic Cat Lover.” More>>
Ooh La La, Oysters!
Join the CatChannel editors as they make yummy cat treats. More>>
Tickle Your Funny Bone
Check out the latest edition of the hilarious, animated cat cartoon, Cats With Hands. More>>
January 2008
CAT FANCY January 2008
Meet Author Dusty Rainbolt
Learn more about the inspiration for her book “Ghost Cats: Human Encounters with Feline Spirits.” More>>
How Smart is Your Cat?
Take the Cat Intellegence Quiz to find out. More>>
Pick the “Purr-fect” Present for Any Cat Lover
Take this quiz to find out how. More>>
Get Involved with Humane Education
Learn how to implement a humane education program at your school. More>>
More Than Just a Fat Cat?
Test you knowledge of feline obesity with this quiz. More>>

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