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December 2010
CAT FANCY December 2010
More With Mariette Hartley
The actress talks about her four cats and a recent move. More>>
Cat Chat: More With Debra Wilson
Actress Debra Wilson celebrates the feline presence in her life. More>>
Catch Up With Authors Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D., and Jean Hofve, DVM
Learn more about the inspiration behind the book, The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care. More>>
Cats At Play Photo Contest
Watch an exclusive online slideshow of readers' kittens working out their aggression through play. More>>
November 2010
CAT FANCY November 2010
Cats and Kids Photo Contest
Capture the bond between cats and kids, and enter your image in this exclusive online photo contest. More>>
Cat Chat: More With Zack Ward
Actor Zack Ward finds a perfect companion in his adopted cat, Cona. More>>
Catch Up With Author Jennifer Freed
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book, “Lessons From Stanley the Cat: Nine Lives of Everyday Wisdom.” More>>
Sneak a Peak at the Kurilian Bobtail
Meet the breed here, and read CAT FANCY's November issue for a deeper look. More>>
October 2010
CAT FANCY October 2010
Black Cat Photo Contest
Show off your black cat in this exclusive onlie photo contest. More>>
Video: Trim Your Cat's Nails
This step-by-step video guides you through the process of trimming your cat's nails. More>>
Cat Career Quiz
Have what it takes to make a great career change for cats? Take this quiz to find out! More>>
Catch Up With Author Jeff Wells, DVM
Learn more about the inspiration behind his book, “All My Patients Have Tales.” More>>
September 2010
CAT FANCY September 2010
More Cat Chat With Golden Brooks
The "Girlfriends" actress talks about her work and her feline companions. More>>
Senior Cat Slideshow
Meet the runners-up to CAT FANCY's Oldest Living Cat Contest and find the secret of their youth. More>>
Home Safe Home
Put your safety skills to the test with this cat home safety quiz. More>>
Catch Up With Author Deborah Grabien
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book "Dark's Tale." More>>
August 2010
CAT FANCY August 2010
Bizarre Litterbox Behaviors
If your cat is missing the litterbox, take him to the vet for a checkup. More>>
Cat Chat: More With Deborah Gibson
Get another view of the singer-actress with her rescue cat, Gleason. More>>
Catch Up With Dr. David Dosa
Learn more about the inspiration behind his book “Making Rounds With Oscar.” More>>
July 2010
CAT FANCY July 2010
Three Tails of Extraordinary Cats
A look at three very special cats, including Nora the piano-playing cat. More>>
Cat Chat: More With Paige Hemmis
The "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" co-star talks about her work and her cat, Mercury. More>>
Working Feral Cats Slideshow
Many feral and semi-tame cats earn their keep by helping humans on the job. More>>
The Essentials of TNR
The resources you’ll need to undertake a trap-neuter-return project. More>>
Catch Up With Author Eve Adamson
Learn about the inspiration behind her book “Pets Gone Green: Live a More Eco-Conscious Life With Your Pets.” More>>
June 2010
CAT FANCY June 2010
Jane Seymour, and More
The busy actress talks about her work, "Dancing With the Stars" and her cat, Stachie. More>>
What to Pack for a Cat Road Trip
Traveling with your cat? Watch our video to see what feline necessities to bring along. More>>
Cat-Friendly Destinations
Watch our slideshow of feline-friendly hotels, inns and boarding facilities. More>>
Catch Up With Author Shawn Messonnier
Learn more about the inspiration behind his book “Unexpected Miracles: Hope and Holistic Healing for Pets.” More>>
May 2010
CAT FANCY May 2010
Catch Up With Author Gregory Popovich
Learn more about the inspiration behind his book “You CAN Train Your Cat: Secrets of a Master Cat Trainer.” More>>
The Many Colors of a Cat's Personality
Check out our exclusive slideshow on how a cat's personality can be linked to her coat color. More>>
Pet Insurance Providers
Discover what pet health-insurance companies offer for your cat's care. More>>
How to Groom Your Cat
Learn some of the best ways to care for your cat's grooming needs. More>>
April 2010
CAT FANCY April 2010
More Cute Kittens
See more adorable kittens from CAT FANCY’s Annual Cutest Kitten Photo Contest. More>>
Feline Muses
See CatChannel's exclusive slideshow of C. David Edward's fabulous cat-themed artwork. More>>
Famous People and Their Cats
It’s time to test your knowledge of people, both past and present, who have helped raise the status of cats. More>>
Catch Up With Author Clea Simon
Learn more about the inspiration behind her latest book series, "Shades of Grey."  More>>
Cat Trick Video Contest
Send us video of your cat performing his or her favorite trick! More>>
March 2010
CAT FANCY March 2010
Catch Up With Author Gwen Cooper
Learn more about the inspiration behind her book, "Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat." More>>
Cartoon Cats You May Not Know
You may think you know every cartoon cat out there, but here’s a handful of fictional felines you may not have heard of. More>>
DIY Cat Home Improvements
Have you built, repaired, painted or designed something to make your cat’s home purr-fectly wonderful? Send us your photos! More>>
Green Cleaning Recipes
Here are some products you can make yourself to keep your home fresh and clean. More>>
February 2010
CAT FANCY February 2010
Library Cats and Their Favorite Books
Ten literary cats give you the scoop on the books they feel are worthy of two paws up. More>>
Show Us Your Cat's Smile Photo Contest
Capture your kitty's precious smile and share it with us. The cat with the best smile wins a Kit-E-Quiz cat toy! More>>
Catch Up With Author Kevin Richardson
Learn more about the inspiration behind his book “Part of the Pride: My Life Among the Big Cats of Africa.” More>>
Thank Your Vet for a Healthy Pet
CAT FANCY and DOG FANCY are pleased to announce the regional finalists in the 2009 Thank Your Vet for a Healthy Pet contest. More>>
January 2010
CAT FANCY January 2010
History of Library Cats
Felines have been mascots and workers at libraries throughout the ages. Learn more about their fascinating history. More>>
Cat Exercise Video Contest
Exercise is good for all of us, including our cats. Send us video of your cats enjoying their favorite form of exercise! More>>
Feline Weight Loss 101
Here is a  week-by-week guide to help kitty shed those unhealthy extra pounds. More>>
Catch Up With Lynn Buzhardt and Sue Steib
Learn more about the inspiration behind their book "Can We Have One? A Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids With Cats and Dogs.”  More>>
Feline New Year's Resolutions
Does your kitty have any resolutions for the New Year? Send in a photo of your cat and tell us about them! More>>

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