CAT FANCY CatChannel Monthly Exclusives — 2012

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December 2012
CAT FANCY December 2012
Arrow Cat Pictures: Holiday Contest Finalists
Check out the finalists to CAT FANCY's Holiday Cats  Photo Contest. More>>
Arrow Catch Up With "The Cat Who Came Back for Christmas"
Catch up with author Julia Romp, and see what inspired her to write this holiday cat book. More>> 
Arrow New Cat Picture Contest! Strange Cat Behaviors Revealed
Enter a photo of your cat's kooky behavior or check out the poses of other peculiar felines. More>>

November 2012
CAT FANCY November 2012
Arrow Cat Pictures: Funny Face Contest Finalists
Check out the finalists to CAT FANCY's Funny Face Photo Contest. More>>
Arrow Catch Up With Author and Photographer Lewis Blackwell
Learn the inspiration behind his book of photographs, "The Life and Love of Cats." More>> 
Arrow Do-It-Yourself Cat Toys
Make a fun cat toy for the fall or holiday season.
DIY Crinkle Sack More>>
DIY Leaf Dangler More>>
Arrow Cat Video: Hawaiian Cat Rescue
On Lana`i, a former pineapple plantation houses a stray cat sanctuary, thanks to one couple. See photos and videos of cats on the island! More>>

October 2012
CAT FANCY October 2012
Arrow Black Cat Pictures
Check out the finalists to CAT FANCY's Black Cat Contest. More>>
Arrow Video: Cat Grooming Tips
See what tools you'll need — and the No. 1 tip — for successful cat grooming. More>> 
Arrow Catnip Facts Quiz
See if you know what makes catnip tick and how your cat could react to it. More>>
Arrow Julia Child's Cats
Read more about authors Patricia Barey and Therese Burson's inspiration behind "Julia's Cats: Julia Child's Life in the Company of Cats." More>>
Arrow Other Cats at the Crescent Hotel
See which other cats have roamed the hall of the Crescent Hotel in this companion piece to CAT FANCY's October 2012 piece. More>>

September 2012
CAT FANCY September 2012
Arrow Catch Up With Author Celia Haddon
Read about the inspiration behind her book "Cats Behaving Badly: Why Cats Do the Naughty Things They Do." More>>
Arrow Video: Cat Rescue Ride-Along
Join marketing executive Jody Slater as she takes to the streets of Van Nuys, Calif., to save feral cats through Trap-Neuter-Return. More>> 
Arrow Contest: Show Us Your Cat "Co-Worker"
Enter the CAT FANCY Show Us Your Cat “Co-Worker” Contest by uploading a video of your cat colleague and telling us a little about him. More>>
Arrow 5 Ways to Help Your Cat Age Gracefully
See how to help your senior cat enter her golden years with ease. More>>

August 2012
CAT FANCY August 2012
Arrow Catch Up With Author Bruce R. Coston, DVM
Hear more from the author and learn about the inspiration behind the book "The Gift of Pets: Stories Only a Vet Could Tell." More>>
Arrow Video: Air Travel With Your Cat
Learn how to take your cat aboard for a flight during the summer travel season and beyond. More>>
Arrow Quiz: What the Litterbox Says About Your Cat's Health
Determine your cat's health by looking closer at the litterbox. Veterinarian Patrick Mahaney, DVM, decodes some of the more common cat litterbox mysteries with this quiz. More>>

July 2012
CAT FANCY July 2012
Arrow Catch Up With Author Dr. Marty Becker
The author talks about the inspiration behind his new book "Your Cat: The Owner's Manual." More>>
Arrow CAT FANCY "Against All Odds" Rescue Cat Contest Finalists
Meet the runners-up in the contest to find the most heartwarming, compelling cat rescue stories. More>>
Arrow Video: Cat-Proof Your Home
Get tips on how to protect your home from cats — and vice versa. More>>
Arrow Chart: Cat Insurance Options
Check out this chart for an overview of basic cat health insurance benefits in this CAT FANCY exclusive. More>>

June 2012
CAT FANCY June 2012
Arrow Catch Up With Author Candida Baker
The author talks about the animals that inspired her books, including the latest "The Amazing Life of Cats." More>>
Arrow Quiz: Which Litter Is Right for You?
Take this 10-question pop-quiz to help you sift through the confusion and pick the best cat litter for your household. More>>
Arrow Safety Tips for Cats at Sea
Before you set sail with your favorite cat aboard, follow these sailing cat safety tips. More>>
Arrow Video: Read Cats' Body Language
Look for visual clues when trying to communicate with your cat. Watch this video for tips! More>>

May 2012
CAT FANCY May 2012
Arrow Cat Parasite ID and Treatment Chart
Figure out what's bugging your cat and fight cat pests with this CAT FANCY exclusive chart. More>>
Arrow Contest: From Outdoor Cat to Indoor Cat
Did your outdoor cat make the move indoors? Tells us all about it in this online exclusive photo contest. More>>
Arrow Catch Up With Author Steve Dale
Learn about the inspiration behind  his book "Good Cat! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions." More>>
Arrow Video: Maine Coon Kittens
The Midwest TGIF Fanciers presented a CFA All Breed cat show at the Purina Event Center in Missouri and judged Maine Coon kittens. More>>

April 2012
CAT FANCY April 2012
Arrow Quiz: Kitten Nutrition
Take this CAT FANCY exclusive quiz to see if you meet your kitten's diet needs. More>>
Arrow Cutest Kitten Contest Finalists
Check out cute kittens posing for CAT FANCY's May 2012 photo contest. More>>
Arrow Catch Up With Author Vicki Myron
Discover the story behind the author of books on Dewey the library cat, including her most recent story "Dewey's Nine Lives." More>>
Arrow Video: Caring for Orphaned Kittens
CAT FANCY and CatChannel share tips on kittens in a four-part series from animal experts at the Irvine Animal Care Center. More>>

March 2012
CAT FANCY March 2012
Arrow Quiz: Feline Senses
See how your cat navigates her world via senses with this exclusive CAT FANCY online quiz. More>>
Arrow Catch Up With Author Pam Johnson-Bennett
The author talks about the inspiration behind her book "Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat — Not a Sour Puss." More>>
Arrow Video: DIY Cat Furniture
Create a cat lounger to match your décor by watching this video. More>>

February 2012
CAT FANCY February 2012
Arrow Quiz: Does Your Cat Like Your Significant Other?
Take this CAT FANCY exclusive quiz to see if your cat likes your boyfriend or girlfriend. More>> 
Arrow Catch Up With Author Sandy Robins
The author talks about writing her book "For the Love of Cats." More>>
Arrow Snuggle Buddies Finalists
See the cute cats who almost made the cut for the February 2012 CAT FANCY Snuggle Buddies cat photo contest winners' circle. More>>
Arrow Top 10 Signs of Cat Oral Pain
Me-Ouch! See if your cat's mouth hurts by observing these cues. More>>

January 2012
CAT FANCY January 2012
Arrow Quiz: Test Your Cat Fat Knowledge
Take this CAT FANCY exclusive quiz to see if you know the skinny on cat weight-loss. More>> 
Arrow Catch Up With Authors Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland
The authors talk about writing their book "Zooborns Cats!" More>>
Arrow Adventures in Cat-Sitting
Sometimes harrowing, often hilarious, cat sitting offers many life lessons. More>>
Arrow Kitten Colonies at the Mark Twain House
Generations of cats call the writer's famous house, Nook Farm, home. More>>
Arrow Cat Book Giveaway
See how you could win a signed copy of "Cat Calls: Wonderful Stories and Practical Advice from a Veteran Cat Sitter." More>>
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Galadriel    Lothlorien, ME

6/23/2012 11:45:56 PM

I wish we could still get Cat Fancy. I'm going to miss it.

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