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Loving Feral and Rescue Cats
I am a fellow cat fancier and owner of two adorable cats, Cammie and Randy. Cammie is a 2-year-old female spayed and Randy is a 6-month-old male who is to be neutered next month. I would also like to get Randy microchipped. Cammie already has had the procedure done.
 I love all cats and I also take care of five feral cats in my backyard. I have heard from my family how many people love and feed feral cats. All of my pets have been spayed or neutered (except the feral ones). I also work with the Humane Society here in Columbus. I think your magazine is great for all cat lovers. I read, for instance, about cats used for hospital patients’ companions.
 We serve a great Creator who made humans and all animals. One of his favorites, I think, are cats!
Vickie Ricker
Columbus, Ohio

 The article, “A Better Future for Cats,” in the February 2009 issue was a much needed one! I want what’s best for my three fun babies, Spankle, Precious, and Simba. Simba is my newest baby. I do not know where he came from, but I have my suspicions he was “dumped out” at my home.
He came up skinny and scared. He also wouldn’t put weight on his back leg. Through patience, love, good food, and vet care, he’s turned into a robust, healthy, sweet cat. He’s so trustworthy of us, despite his ordeal.
 Fortunately, this happens to often to wonderful cats like my sweet boy. I hope more people read this article and take a stand for these cats. I know I will do my part by keeping my cats inside, providing them with regular vet care, and telling other people the importance of doing so!
Jessica Huffman
Newton, N.C.

 I loved the point the reader made in February’s issue about the wonderful feeling you get from adopting a shelter cat. I just wanted to add that my three shelter cats do indeed love to sit on my lap and cuddle. So you can save a life and feel very loved at the same time. Win-win.
Jill Tatter
Via e-mail

A Fan of Ocicats
The February issue featured my two favorite breeds, the Ocicat and the Snowshoe. I have lived with an Ocicat for the last 16 years, and presently live with two silver spotted beauties. Ocicats are very intelligent and people-oriented cats, and what’s more, they have a sense of humor! Even my 16-year-old plays tricks on me and loves to help make the bed and assist with household tasks. These cats are the true clowns of Cat Fancy. I cannot imagine life without an Ocicat’s elegant beauty and cheerful nature gracing my home.
Alice K Gruber
Sacramento, Calif.

Cats Do Have Feelings
 I enjoyed the Cat Book Club page in February’s Cat Fancy. The question “Does your cat have feelings?” got my attention. Last spring I had a major surgery. My first day home I was lying on the sofa. My three cats were there with me, as usual. Suddenly the big one got down and returned with his catnip mouse. He dropped it in my lap as if to say, “I know you feel bad. Maybe this will help.” Later this summer, my littlest kitty was ill. He returned from the vet after having two shots and some pills. Again, the big kitty, Aces, went and brought him his catnip mouse. So yes, I really believe cats have feelings, especially for their loved ones.
Holly Robins
Eureka Springs, Ariz.

 A Favorite Memory
 The instant I opened to the page on this article it brought back memories, not from Greece, but from a favorite restaurant in Cupertino, Calif. Yiasso was a favorite of ours before we moved from the area several years ago. This is a small place with only a few tables inside as well as outside eating. Inside on one wall is a mural which looks very much like the pictures on page 15 of your February ’09 issue and on several spots there is a cat perched on a wall. No matter how often we were there, I never tired of enjoying that mural. While I realize the peril of stray cats, my memories will be of the cats looking very relaxed in the sun.
Judy DeRyke
Minden, Nev.

Concern for Wild Cats
I am an 11-year-old girl that loves your magazines. I am so fascinated by cats, and have been studying them for quite some time now. I even have cat pictures from your magazine up on a wall in my room. I love all kinds of cats, especially big wild cats.
 I was wondering if you could do a segment in your magazine about big cats and how some are endangered. I am worried about some cats and how they are almost extinct like the rare Asian Lynx. I want to get the message out to people about how to save our big majestic cats. Sometimes I worry how people can be so blind as to not caring about these beautiful animals. Please take this into consideration.
Olivia Lennertz
Huntington Beach, Calif.

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