The Top 8 Gifts for a Dieting Cat

It’s not all carrot sticks and lettuce leaves!

By By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson


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Photo courtesy of Wendy Bedwell-Wilson
For his daily exercise routines, Bubba got this interactive feathered cat teaser for Christmas. Bubba loves to pounce on the colorful ball that rattles whenever he swats it.
Bubba was a good boy this year. He helped us train our dog, Petey, when he came home from the humane society. He made sure that Benny, our other cat, always had a full food bowl. He even stuck to his diet by eating less food, drinking more water and running laps around the house.

To help jolly old Saint Nick with his gift-giving, Bubba brainstormed a list of his Christmas wishes and titled it, “The Top Eight Gifts for a Cat on a Restricted-calorie, Increased-exercise Diet.”

Believe it or not, Bubba was so good that he got everything he asked for! Here’s what Santa brought Bubba:

8. Delicious treats, fed in moderation, of course.
Bubba loves his treats. He prefers Greenies and sliced turkey, but he’ll enjoy just about any nutritious treat — as long as he doesn’t overdo it.

7. Catnip-filled toys.
What cat doesn’t adore a bit of the nip, especially on Christmas Day? He plays all day with his catnip-filled banana, but even a sprinkling of the green on his cardboard scratcher makes him purr for joy.

6. Speaking of which, Bubba loves his cardboard scratcher.
He likes it seasoned with lots of catnip. Every year, he asks for a brand new one, and this year, I found a fabulous model that has a cutout shaped like a fish or a mouse. Fun and functional!

5. A top-quality diet.
Being a discerning eater, Bubba enjoys only the best food that his parents can afford. He prefers Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care for Adults, but any high-quality diet will do. We just need to keep his intake down to around 500 calories per day.

4. Recirculating water fountain.
Though he doesn’t demand running water like some cats do, Bubba prefers fresh, clean water. This gift easily made Bubba’s wish list.

3. Feather wand or interactive toy
Nothing will replace his catnip banana, but Bubba enjoys swatting at a feathered, dangly toy now and again. They are perfect for his daily exercise regimes, which he needs to burn off those excess calories.

2. Upright scratching post
Bubba has always scratched happily on his horizontal cardboard scratcher, but he asked for an upright post for a little variety. He loves to latch his claws in as high as he can and stretch his aging muscles and tendons.

1. Lots of love. Granting this wish is easy.
Despite his diet, Bubba’s a whole lot of cat to love, and we’re blessed to have him — and his brothers Benny and Petey — in our life.

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I am going to exercise my three with new toys Christmas Day

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