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By Susan Logan

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Cat Fancy- Editor's Note- January 2011
I have never been what you or anyone would call thin. I have struggled with my weight since I was 12 years old. Once I hit my teen years, I could never get away with eating whatever I wanted or as much as I wanted. I also struggled to stay physically fit. In gym class running anything more than 100 yards was pure torture for me. So it was totally out of character for me when I signed up for my first marathon at the age of 36. The American Diabetes Association sent me a promotion to raise money by running a marathon in Rome. My life had been through so many other transitions that year so I thought, why not!


As my endurance was tested during the training runs, my relationship to food began to change and I started to see it as fuel. I could actually feel the difference physically between foods that were fueling my body and those that were just empty calories. If I didn’t have the right fuel, I couldn’t run the distances I needed to cover. My eating habits radically changed and I began to feel the health benefits of being physically fit. The endurance I developed through running enabled me to work long hours and maintain an active lifestyle. I realize my way of getting in shape isn’t right for everyone and it’s still a struggle for me, especially during holidays.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to getting and keeping cats physically fit either. As the winners of our 2009 Biggest Losers contest can attest, the lifestyle changes they made to lose their excess pounds have to be maintained. Discover their secrets to healthy weight loss and how they are staying in shape.

This issue will give you a variety of approaches to getting your cat healthy and fit, from diet, to play and exercise, to making some small adjustments in your home. A healthy, fit and active cat is a happy one, and we want our readers and their cats to enjoy the benefits of getting and staying in shape this year. Let’s resolve to make it a great year!

**Get the January 2011 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article or click here to purchase a PDF version.**

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