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CAT FANCY for the Blind
Thanks to the Great Volunteer Readers, at State Services for the Blind – Minnesota, who transcribe your magazine onto audio tape. Because of them, I am able to enjoy your great magazine. My three cats Mokie, Tortie and Jazzy all lie on the bed with me and enjoy hearing your magazine. We all eagerly look forward to each new issue, as do our volunteer readers. We find your articles informative and thought provoking. Thank you.

Keith McUmber
Minneapolis, MN

Changing Eye Color
In the June 2007 CAT FANCY issue, on page 13 it states, “Their eyes normally change to their adult color between 4 and 8 weeks of age.” Perhaps someone did not do enough research as the Korat breed has blue eyes when born, which turn to amber, then yellow, then peridot green. Also, my Singapura girl was older when her eyes turned from yellow to green. I have a house cat with very green eyes that was not bred with the intention to produce green, she’s a house cat, and her eyes were NOT green at 4 to 8 weeks of age.

Shirley Graham
Via email

Itchy Cat Treatment
I just finished reading the article in the May 2007 CAT FANCY regarding treatments for itchy cats asked by Manetta Niessen. I found the answer frustrating and misleading.  After having our kitty, YingYang, tested for allergies, poked, scraped, collared, medicated, isolated, etc., her conventional veterinarian finally gave up and suggested we put her on cortisone shots once a month. 

I cried for days knowing this would be the end of her. She only weighed approximately 6 pounds and her immune system was so depleted; I knew that would be a death sentence for her. She was scratching so much, she was covered with bloody scabs, and she had ulcerated her cornea in her left eye.

I went online and started researching homeopathic, herbal medicines and any alternatives to the steroids. I found a veterinarian who practices homeopathic and natural healing in addition to the conventional methods of veterinary care.

We believe YingYang has some sort of feline herpes that is cyclical, and she is very allergic to mites. To treat the mites, we give her monthly applications of Revolution Blue for cats. When she has a breakout, I treat her with 1/4 tablet of Triamcinolone 1.5 mg. I also apply Terramycin Opth Ointment to both eyes once a day for itching and one drop of Otomax in her ears and one drop rubbed on her belly, if she is licking.

I then bathe her in Malaseb shampoo and confine her to a large carrier, so she can dry herself without being disturbed. If she breaks out or scratches herself raw around her mouth and under her chin, I apply Monistat 7 as needed. 

Every six months or so we give her a round of Enisyl-F and have found that Similasan Dry Eye Relief keeps her from rubbing her eyes. I try to put one drop per eye in every day. 

I realize that this seems a bit much, but after two years, this has become an occasional routine as opposed to when it was daily for several months. Once YingYang healed and stabilized, all of the above are given only as needed. I would do all of this every day forever if that is what was needed to keep her quality of life as normal as possible.

Debb Glass
Via email

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Sami    Santa Fe Springs, CA

2/24/2008 9:12:23 AM

I just received April issue of Cat Fancy. On the cover it says "Kittens 16 page special section." There is no special section. Why?

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