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Bobtails aren?t just cats, they?re a way of life.

By Elisa Jordan

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Cat people sometimes run into those who aren’t exactly like-minded. Cats are aloof, those people say. They don’t interact with you unless they want something. Cats don’t do much of anything but lie around and snooze in the sun. It’s fairly obvious that these folks have never shared their homes with cats, let alone American Bobtails.

Take, for instance, Pax, an American Bobtail who accompanied his cat mom Ellen Brenner, a New Jersey-based breeder, to cat shows. While in the hotel on one of their show trips, Pax made up his own version of cat-human tag and taught Brenner how to play.

“He touched my hand and then went running, and I couldn’t figure out what he was doing,” she says. “I went walking after him and then he came up on the bed again, touched my hand and then went running. He taught me that he was trying to play tag, and we ran all over the hotel room.”

The American Bobtail is more than just a clown, although it plays that role well. The bond this breed forms with its human family is a close one.

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