Coming Up in CAT FANCY

On Newsstands May 25th.

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Wildly Charming
The American Bobtail has wild looks and a loving personality.

Feral Facts
All you need to know about trap-neuter-return.

It's a Living
Learn about feral cats with jobs.

Problem Behavior SOS
We show you the top feline behavior problems and how to solve them.

They Did What?
Meet 45 extraordinary cats.

PLUS: Breed Snapshot
The cute and curly Selkirk Rex will steal your heart.

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Coming Up in CAT FANCY

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Reader Comments

Deanie    Phoenix, AZ

5/21/2010 2:29:58 PM

I wuold love to see an narticle on cats who walk on leashes! My Scout has been an avid walker since he was 8 weeks old. It's our way to help him enjoy the outdoors while still keeping him safe.

Elizabeth    bel air, MD

5/16/2010 8:43:18 AM

Hello, I just read the article about Protecting Feral Cats, and some of things that were written I found to be misleading. In the How To TNR number 2, you can't really plan ahead until you are sure that you will actually be able to catch the cat. Number 3 with hold food, they are feral cats they can get food anywhere if we hold its not like they wont find food someplace else.
We had a feral cat, it took two years and 4 litters of kittens before we could get her caught and fixed. On her first and second litter we had called the Animal Rescue and they bought us cages, oh but this cat was smart, she would take her paw from the outside of the cage and push the can of food out so she wouldn't have to go into it. For the third litter we aren't sure what happened, but by the fourth one, the feral cat was starting to get use to me. Therefore we were then able to catch her and the litter was able to be given to go homes. Overall, I find this article misleading.

Urica    Spokane, WA

5/7/2010 3:12:37 PM

when does the June issue get mailed out very excited to see it.

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