Heroic Readers

By Susan Logan

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Cat Fancy- Editor's Note- July 2011
Welcome to our sixth annual rescue issue. Over the years, we've explored the needs and passionately advocated for all cats in need: from pedigreed cats in peril of extinction, to homeless stray and feral cats, to the conservation of our domestic cats wild cousins. We've covered the efforts of responsible breeders, animal welfare organizations and individuals working in their own backyards step outside themselves to help a cat in need. Many of these heroic individuals are reading this magazine!

The term "no-kill" has taken on controversy and new meaning, but it still expresses an ideal all animal advocates would like to see: the cessation of euthanizing healthy animals. Is it possible? It certainly has its challenges, but many communities have succeeded, indicating that at least there's hope.

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Mimi    Ridgway, PA

5/28/2011 12:33:48 PM

I am a believer in "no-klll" shelters. I was actively involved wiith one, but the odds of success are not in their favor. Last June, without any prior investigation, the ASPCA, acting on nothing more than a tip from a disgruntled former volunteer, swarmed in, insisted that we sign the cats over, and told us to leave. The next thing we knew, we were on the receiving end of a rash of bad press, making us look like sadistic fiends who somehow found pleasure in abusing animals. They even went through our dumpster looking for dead cats. (They didn't find any.) As a matter of fact, we were the shelter that was trashed in the article in this month's issue of Cat Fancy, Feline CSI. There is another whole story here, the story of people who put their life's blood and money into this shelter, trying to give unwanted cats another chance at life. We were so traumatized by the action taken against us that our lives will never be the same. My heart belonged to those cats, and it no longer has a good reason to beat. The trashing of us in this magazine was a knife going through this same heart. I know the side of the story told in the article makes better press, and for some bizarre reason, the public prefers to hear the bad things. Believe me when I say that all that was printed was not accurate. I still believe in no-kill shelters, but I worry about people who start them. Unless they can do battle with more powerful organizations, they don't stand a chance. Sure wish our side of the story could get told sometime.

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