Chart: Cat Insurance Options

Get quick facts on cat insurance with this breakdown of pet insurance options for the average mixed-breed cat.

By Anastasia Thrift

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Compare rates and see which pet insurance your cat could best use. Check out this chart for an overview of basic cat health insurance benefits in this CAT FANCY exclusive chart.

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Cat Health Insurance Chart
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Chart: Cat Insurance Options

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Reader Comments

Jori    Las Vegas, NV

6/3/2014 5:00:27 PM

I've had PetsBest for years and it's wonderful. When my original cats got old and sick, it was a God-send to have them. They are the only one, I think, that will allow you to enroll your pet no matter what its age. When I got it for my first cats, they were in their teens. But I have never paid $49/month as you show per pet! I think the most I've paid was $25/cat when they got old. They have multi-cat discount and yearly-pay discount (or you can do it monthly). Highly recommend them.

Miryana    Oakland, CA

6/3/2014 9:45:52 AM

Do not walk - RUN ! To get pet insurance. You may not think you need it but inevitably you are going to because something always unexpected happens. I have 2 Main Coon males - same litter. One died at 5 yrs old from cardiomyopathy and required a cardiologist and cardiac meds twice a day for 4 months before he died. So sad he left us so soon. The other one loves eating ribbons and has required one surgery and one endoscopic intervention to remove them. The other he passed himself thank goodness. Recently he developed urinary crystals and not able to pass urine due to a blockage requiring hospital stay and catheterization and now a special diet. I thought these guys would be with me into old age. When I got them I never expected they would have all these problems when I got them at 8 months old from the shelter. I signed up for insurance as soon as I walked out of the shelter ( along with updating their micro chip address !). Thank goodness I did as by now I would be about $10,000 in debt between the 2 of them. Considering how cheap the insurance is the benefits far outweigh not having it.

Paull    Las Vegas, NV

8/18/2012 7:20:22 AM

This is a great chart giving you a look at what you may need. I took Trupanion because of the No Limit for the life of your pet. They paid 90% I believe the chart say's 80%. They do not cover regular Vet visits but for me I was looking for an insurance that would cover the big stuff so you wouldn't ever have to make a that decision none of us ever want to make. The reason I feel that over the course of your pets life the visit's to the Vet will equal out the premiums. $4 a month sounds great but when you add in the 1k deductible and a 4k limit for the year and 10k for the life of the pet it does sound that great to me. But to each his/her own

Rachel    Boston, MA

6/16/2012 2:23:25 PM

To all cat owners, Do Not Wait when it comes to insurance. The older the cat the more likely it will have an issue in the future. I was too late in getting insurance and when my cat turned 9 she developed hyperthyroid, and the pill form of the meds made her jaundice. After almost a week at the vet she then needed to be radiated to "shut down" her thyroid. If she had had insurance I most likely wouldn't have paid the total $3,000.00 for the week at the vet and the radiation. Now all I can get is accidnetial insurance for her.

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