Catch Up With Author Sandy Arora

Learn more about the inspiration behind her book “Whole Health for Happy Cats.”

Posted: April 10 2008 3 p.m. EDT

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Whole Health for Happy Cats
"Whole Health for Happy Cats" is Sandy Arora's first book.
1. Why did you write “Whole Health for Happy Cats”?

It was a response to the need for solid and current information on cat-specific (and appropriate) care and nutrition presented in an engaging, non-intimidating format.

Cat physiology is so unique and finely tuned that what works with dog diets, as well as herbs, supplements and drugs, is not automatically safe or advisable for cats. Unfortunately, all of this gets lost in books that cater to dogs with cats as an afterthought.

2. What was your inspiration?

Cats in general, my own as well as the ones on my mailing list Holisticat, but particularly my first cat and muse, Boo Boo. Booey and all the cats I’ve helped over the years, many with life-threatening issues, have blossomed with natural, gentle care and proper nutrition. They all have inspired me to help other cats achieve the same level of health and happiness.

3. What is your writing process?

With this book as with postings on my forum, I drew on my Ph.D. training background to look critically at information and present it in a digestible manner. For each chapter, I first wrote it out like an essay. I then sketched it out, and I pulled out parts of it containing information best presented in a table or as a sidebar. Finally, I went back to the essay and edited it again, making notes regarding what sort of photographs or illustrations would highlight certain points.

4. Do you have any other books?

I don’t have any other published books, though I do have several written in my head. I hope to have more publications in the near future.

5. What has the feedback been on the book so far?
It has been very positive both in terms of content and form. This pleases me because I wanted the book to be palatable to a new audience as well as to those who are already onboard with raw feeding and holistic care.

6. Are you a cat owner? How many do you have?
Oh, yes! Cats are an integral part of my life, my psyche, my very being. I will always live with any cats that will have me.

We have four cats at this time: Missy, a 13-year-old classic brown tabby; Pigpen, a 12-year-old dark tortoiseshell; Trikki, a 10-year-old orange/red longhair; and Puma, an 8-year-old brown mackerel tabby.

7. Do cats influence your writing? How so?

You mean besides sitting on my papers and/or head-butting my hands while I type?

A cat’s sweet, trusting face and unconditional love overwhelm me. I feel a profound sense of responsibility toward cats to help ensure they are treated with respect. This permeates my life and my writing.

8. Were certain parts of the book more difficult to write than others? Which ones?

Without question, the nutrition sections were the most difficult because I was not sure how far to push the envelope with raw feeding. Also, I wanted to give people new to the idea enough information without overwhelming them, while not boring longtime raw feeders.

Stacy N. Hackett is a contributing editor to who lives in Southern California with her husband James, children Kayla and Parker, and two adorable Cornish Rex cats, Evita and Carson.

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Susan    Stamford, CT

1/9/2013 12:31:03 PM

If you care about cats, and wildlife, why feature a picture of a cat running free outdoors?

Margo    South Australia, OR

1/5/2010 12:35:14 AM

I liked the article and I have a question about oils. It was recommended that I use Neem oil (diluted of course) as a remedy for ear mites. What is your opinion about this? Thanky you

Margot    Hardy, VA

8/18/2009 10:36:30 AM

This book is the very best. It, very likely, has saved my cats' life. Bless you Sandy!!

Emily    Montpelier, VT

4/26/2008 12:20:37 AM

Thanks for the article, I can't wait to read her book.

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