Looking Good for Their Age

Thousands of years old, Egyptian Maus remain as beautiful as they ever were.

By Elisa Jordan

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The ancient Egyptians knew what they were doing. And for that, we owe them a debt of gratitude. How did they figure out that whole mummification thing? And it’s hard to think of engineering feats more impressive than the Pyramids. Certainly the Sphinx, with its majestic feline body, gives outsiders a look into yet another facet of this fascinating culture — its love of cats.

Thank you, ancient Egypt, for the gift of domesticated cat companions. Because of the Egyptians, the wild spotted cats that roamed the streets hunting vermin were tamed and, eventually, admired and revered as sacred.

“They were domesticated when the Egyptians stopped being nomadic and started to grow and store food [that attracted] mice to their graineries,” says N. Jill Archibald, a New Jersey breeder. “The local small wild cats were attracted by the abundance of mice and easy prey. The Egyptians encouraged this win-win situation.”

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Looking Good for Their Age

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