Feline Communication

Learn to read your cat's body language.

By Erika Sorocco

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Chattering, purring, hissing, meowing - as kitty caretakers, we are well-accustomed to the many variations of sounds that our cats make as they go about their daily activities. But communicating with your kitty goes above and beyond the occasional chirp. Cats are unable to verbally tell us what they are feeling; therefore, understanding our cats' body language is an essential undertaking in communicating with our cats.

Face First
When trying to evaluate the way a human is feeling using body language, our eyes tend to move directly to the face. When it comes to gauging your cat's current feelings, this is also the best place to start, as it is where the eyes, ears and whiskers are located - three of the most important, and communicative, parts of the body.

Eyes. Although emotions play a very large part in the shape and size of your cat's pupils, much of this is also dictated by surroundings and light level. For example, your cat's pupils will narrow in a very bright room.

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Feline Communication

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