Into Everything

Some cats never lose the desire to explore - and cause mischief.

By Sandy Robins

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I really thought that as far as the cats in my life were concerned, the "baby phase" was over. Apparently not. Ziggy is definitely going through the "terrible twos" - that notorious age when children are known to be really impossible.

He is into everything! Lately, he has taken to opening the cupboard doors in the kitchen and leaving them standing wide open. The first time I came home to this scene, for an instant, I thought there'd been a burglar in the house who had ransacked the kitchen. Fortunately, he was so proud of himself that he rushed over and demonstrated his new skill in front of me with a look that said, "Hey! Look what I can do all my myself!"

Initially, I thought it was just a random thing and very funny at that. So when I found a cupboard door open, I simply closed it and went about my daily routine. Then a few days later - around 3:00 am, in fact - both my husband and I were startled awake by terrible banging noises coming from the kitchen. As we were about to go investigate, a streak of gray fur came flying up the stairs, jumped on the bed and started purring loudly as if to say, "Wow! Could you hear what I was doing from up here?"

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Into Everything

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