Breed Profile: Siberian

Russian beauty

By Ramona D. Marek, MS Ed.

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With a triple coat of medium-long, dense fur that is thicker in winter, you easily can see that Siberians are built to survive. “It’s an all-weather coat so the moisture does not get down to their skin,” says Gloria Mahan of Galt, Calif., who has been breeding and showing Siberians for nearly seven years.

The fur is shorter on the shoulders and long and feathery on the stomach and britches. Mahan describes the medium texture as “‘crispy,’ not soft and not harsh.” Despite the length and density of the fur, grooming is easy; usually weekly brushing suffices. Daily grooming is recommended during spring and autumn shedding seasons.

**Get the March 2008 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article.**

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Breed Profile: Siberian

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Reader Comments

Cat Editor    Irvine, CA

2/23/2011 5:03:23 PM

Thank you for your interest in the Siberian cat breed. The May 2011 issue of CAT FANCY will feature the Siberian cat and will be on newsstands and available on CatChannel beginning on March 29.

kim    orange, TX

2/22/2011 8:13:31 PM

would like to see more recent info on siberians nothing since your march08 issue. i just purchased on of these beautiful kittens from dealer near dallas texas and want to read everything about them i can get my hands on!

Joan    San Jose, CA

2/23/2008 4:08:17 PM

Unhappily, my efforts for over a month have not brought me satisfaction. My family has 2 members who are allergic to cats, and one is a dear person with asthma. I want to determine whether a Siberian cat will work for me. I have been widowed 5 years and would like to enjoy a Fur-Person again. We had a Russian Blue+? Texas farm cat for 17 years until the feline leukemia took Gary Boy from us just prior to the shot becoming available. He was the sweetest cat!!! But my son suffered from a stuffy head and some sneezing when he was around the cat. Perhaps it was the "+" part of his background which caused the allergic reaction for Fritz.
Therefore, when my friend, Barbara, told me of your March issue on Siberian cats, I immediately began to search for an no avail. My local Barns and Noble Store led me to believe they would be getting them in, however, they were in error. I learned just 2 days ago that they do not carry the magazine. So, I hope you can help me in getting the March issue so I can read further about Siberian cats. Prrrrrrrease help!! My phone # is: 408-531-8585 and I'll be glad to send a check for the issue I've described. (I tried to receive one from a Colorado # given me, but they said I could not buy one at that time............maybe a distribution center????
I hope to hear from you soon!!

Thanks very much,

Cherie Haymes    Santa Fe, NM

2/15/2008 12:41:03 PM

I own 2 Siberians and find it hard to imagine anyone being able to capture, in one article, the complexities of the 'specialness' of this breed. One would have to be an owner of one of these incredible beings to even begin to be able to describe how wonderful they are. My male is intact, as is my female. I really had no inclination to breed cats when I first bought my female, but when clients and friends began to express a sincere desire to have one, I realized I might want to provide a few in my state. These cats are ADORABLE, in every sense of the word.

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