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Cat Tattoo
Kitty Shuffler displays a tattoo of her cat, Anny.

My Cat Ink
After reading the "Getting Inked" article in Cat Fancy, I wanted to share this photo. I had a tat done from a photo of my precious cat Anny who died at only 10 years of age from cancer. I was devastated by the loss but having the photo with me so I can see Anny every day of my life always makes me smile. It was done at Yonge Street Tattoos in Toronto by an artist named Derek who is a fantastic ink artist.

Kitty Shuffler
Syracuse, N.Y.

Another Way to Pill a Cat
In your January 2008 issue, under Health News, there was a piece called “To Pill a Cat.” All the choices sounded difficult, expensive, and there was no real assurance that the pill got into the cat. Years ago, we lived about 45 miles from the nearest veterinarian, so when we went to one, we learned all we could do ourselves and saved the vet for really serious things.

So, do you really want to know the easy way to get a pill down a feline throat? The vet showed me how to do this.

If it is an active, let-me-down sort of cat, one person must hold the cat in the standard across-the-chest position, while the pill giver strokes the cat’s head, cooing and murmuring whatever. Now comes the part where you have to be quick and sure with your movements:

The pill-giver grasps the cat’s whole head in his/her hand, tips the head straight up, firmly but gently puts the pill way back on the cat’s tongue, flips the head back into position, pets the cats throat and head, etc., while crooning some more.

The cat knows something happened, but what was it?

If the cat is a very tame, gentle one, you can do it by yourself. I am an old woman, and I have used this system on neighbors’ cats and my own for about 50 years. A neighbor brought me a chewed capsule she had tried and failed to giver her cat. This cat was a biter, and the neighbor wasn’t firm enough. I used this system, got it down him; he went off and sulked, but he did this all the time.

Hope this is helpful because it is just so easy.

V. Harrison
Midland, Texas

Cats Add Zest to Life
Dear Susan Logan,

Your editorial essays are quite enjoyable, and the last sentence in the February 2008 issue touched me and prompted a letter. Cats are indeed great companions, probably equal to dogs.

Through my 56 years of marriage we had no cats because my Jo disliked them. But, soon after she died, I drove to New Hampshire where I purchased two Maine Coon kittens, a male and a female.

Now, I’m at the ripe old age of 86, a retired school principal, and was lonely until I got Max and Katie. They did add zest to my life. My Max is epileptic and needs phenol barbital, and I see a magnificent cat.

Sleeping with a feline female can’t match the human variety, but hey, it beats nothing.
Let’s really wipe out euthanasia for unwanted cats.

Good luck. God bless!

John J. Passanisi
Hyde Park, Mass.

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Lorraine West    Dauphin, MB

2/22/2008 8:40:33 AM

thank you so much for you article on the blood types of cats. i have always wondered if cats have different blood types as we do. thanks again for the informative article!

Tami Seligman    Buda, TX

1/30/2008 7:07:54 PM

Regarding "Spic and Span" in the March 2008 issue. There is an easy alternative to looking for "pet-friendly" household cleaning products. I use a steam cleaner for my floors & just about every hard surface that can be cleaned. A steam cleaned floor dries very quickly compared to most other methods of floor cleaning. The best advantage to steam cleaning is that it disinfects with water and requires NO chemicals! I recommend a steam cleaner for any home with pets or small children. I've been using a steam cleaner for years & find it the best way to clean without leaving any residue or chemicals behind.

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