CAT FANCY May 2007

Posted: May 20, 2007


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CAT FANCY May 2007

May 2007

CAT FANCY's Special Home Issue

From Our Readers  
10 | "Oldest Living Cat" Contest Announcement

12 | "Hail to the Queen" Contest Results

Health & Care
16 | Help for Ashmatic Cats  
A change in cat litter may help alleviate symptoms.
By Dusty Rainbolt

17 | Face the Facts
Understand Bartonella to protect you and your cats.
By Arnold Plotnick, DVM

18 | Get to the Heart of Heartworms 
By Marissa Heflin

Breed Profile: Balinese
22 | A Rare Jewel
Balinese look familiar, but definitely are their own breed.
By Elisa Jordan

Advocacy & Rescue
26 | Advocate in Action: Man with a View 

Criminal prosecutor Nathan Winograd follows his heart to help animal shelters improve.
By Anthony Hall
Click here to see the CatChannel Exclusive for this article and get Nathan's tips on how to turn a shelter into a no-kill facility.

28 | Feline Home Fashion
Choose cat-friendly upholstery and furniture that complements your décor.
By Mary Lou Simms 

32 | Build Your Own Cat Tree
Enhance your cats’ lives with a cat tree you make yourself.
By Jennifer Williams, Ph.D.

36 | DIY Outdoor Enclosure
This do-it-yourself project is much easier than you think.
By Tom Barthel
Click here to see the CatChannel Exclusive for this article and find a cat enclosure that will fit your budget.

40 | Combining Households
Can a cat and an allergic person live under the same roof? Yes!
By Dave Good
Click here to see the CatChannel Exclusive for this article and take our quiz to see how much you know about cat allergies.

44 | Office Space, With Cats
Outfit your home office to accommodate your work habits — and your cat.
By Danielle Centoni

46 | At Home with Sandy (New Column!)
Apartment Transformation 
By Sandy Robins

Art Gallery & Culture
86 | Reader-submitted Artwork & Poetry

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4 | Editor's Note 

5 |

6 | Readers' Letters 

8 | Story of the Month

14 | Garfield Weighs In

18 | Ask the Vet, Health

20 | Ask the Vet, Behavior

27 | Rescue of the Month
Little Joe Lands
By Anthony Hall

47 | Cat Calendar

48 | Accentuate Your Living Spaces 
Decorate your home with cats in mind.  

49 | New Products for Cats and Their People
Plus! Trendy Product of the Month

50 | Feline Boutique

54 | Gallery of Breeds   

65 | Breed Connections  

82 | Ad Index 

83 | Classified Ads

85 | Next Month in CAT FANCY  

86 | SADIE  

87 | Cat Book Club

Click here to see the CatChannel Exclusive to this article and meet the authors of Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster.

88 | Reader Photos

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