My Furry Valentine Winners
Congratulations go to Furby, the winner of our Editors’ Choice prize. We love how happy Furby looks to be with his Valentine, Jonas. We hope they have many more happy years to come!

MerryBelle - My Furry Valentine - 1st Place
1st Place - MerryBelle
MerryBelle is the sweetest Valentine. She is a happy kitty who loves everyone and takes care of her younger sister & brother.
Angel Sherman & Zaboomafoo - My Furry Valentine - 2nd Place
2nd Place - Angel Sherman & Zaboomafoo
Sherman & foster daddy Zaboo having cuddle time.
Pig and Toby - My Furry Valentine - 3rd Place
3rd Place - Pig and Toby
Pig and Toby are the best of friends, since they were kittens. They are so close we sometimes call them "Pigandtoby".
Furby - My Furry Valentine - Editor's Choice
Editor's Choice - Furby
Jonas age-2 with his BFF kitty Furby!

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