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Difficulty Grooming
I read your Ask the Vet Q&A "Difficulty Grooming" in the October issue and wanted to note some other conditions that might be present when a cat quits or has difficulty grooming. Our cat Broccoli (I'm a dietitian) was looking rough, drooling, and having difficulty eating. I thought is was just her age (14). I brought her to the vet and he agreed after an examination. However, I was still concerned, looked in her mouth and thought I saw an ulcer under her tongue. So I took her back the next week to another vet. She discovered a growth under her tongue that was displacing it. She removed it successfully, but a large ulcer developed on the side of her tongue still inhibiting her grooming. Eventually she improved in her grooming, but about six months later the same thing began again. This time, unfortunately, the cancer had spread down her throat and we had to put her to sleep. My point is that there are other things that might be causing a grooming problem.

Barbara Johnson
Huntsville, Ala.

Watch for Coyotes
I accidentally let my tuxedo cat Checkers out at around 7 p.m. The cat isn’t supposed to go out past 6 p.m. because of coyotes our neighbors tell us about. We didn’t really believe them but better safe than sorry, right?  We didn’t look for Checkers because we weren’t too worried .

At around 9:30 I went out to look for Checkers because he isn’t supposed to be out all night. It gets dark at about 9:00. I looked around a corner. I hate to say it but there was
a coyote about 6 feet away from Checkers. The coyote was about 2½ feet tall. Checkers had his hair sticking up and was in a defensive posture hissing loudly. The coyote ran away when he saw me. 

Unless you have been in a near death instance with your cat you do not know the relief I felt as I put him in the house. I want everybody reading this to make sure there are no wild animals in their neighborhood. And check even if you have lived in your area for a while. This happened to us nine months after we moved in. I don’t want anyone to suffer the pain we almost did.

Christopher Brown
Via email

Spaying and Neutering Feral Cats
Just a note on Spaying and Neutering feral felines: I am a definite proponent of spaying and neutering all pets, but this story just makes me sad. A feral cat in our neighborhood had kittens, just two of them. One of the kittens was hit by a car so Mama was left with one. Watching the love and togetherness Mama and baby shared brought my wife and me hours of joy and pleasure. They were always together. Our well meaning neighbor caught the baby and had him neutered. Now Mama after two weeks wants nothing to do with the baby, probably because the smell is different. They even fought. Now we see the kitten alone all the time and he really seems lonely. It breaks our hearts that this bond is now broken.

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