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For cats that need medication, pill pockets save the day.

By Sandy Robins

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Recently, I was reading some serious advice on how to give a cat a pill. After the second sentence, I had a stitch in my side from laughter.

"If hiding the pill in food doesn't work, you are going to have to administer it physically," explained this feline authority. "Firmly grasp your cat's head. If you are right-handed, use your left hand; if you are a lefty, use your right hand ... Put your thumb on one side of your cat's face and your fingers on the other. Avoid holding the lower jaw, and make sure you don't squeeze the throat. Otherwise, you'll choke the cat. ..."

Whoever penned this textbook approach to feline health care must own a dog. No self-respecting cat is going to let you stick your fingers in its mouth long enough to choke it! Cats know exactly how to play the pill popping game.

**Get the October 2008 issue of CAT FANCY to read the full article.**

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