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Cat Tribute Books

Thank you for sharing with CAT FANCY readers like me who did not know of the really neat trilogy series of books by Peter Gethers — about his Scottish Fold cat Norton — “The Cat Who Went to Paris,” “The Cat Abroad,” and “The Cat Who’ll Live Forever.” I too took your advice and went to my local libraries to find these three endearing books.

I am waiting for the second book of the series to be sent from another library in our state so I can read the third book.

Yes, they are great and thanks for sharing. Once I have read all three, I may just buy them online from the used books stores and have my own set. It is a very lovely tribute to his wonderful companion, Norton.

Jacqueline Kunkler; Huntingburg, Ind.

The Difference Between a Sphynx and a Peterbald

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your feature on the Sphynx cat in your September 2008 issue of CAT FANCY. I have been a Sphynx owner for many years and have found that they are misunderstood. I have been blessed by their company so I have made it a personal mission to spread the joy and love they bring by educating anyone who comes into contact with them.

On page 27 you had a large photo of a Peterbald kitten, not a Sphynx. This is a similar breed in appearance, the biggest difference being that the Peterbald has whiskers and the Sphynx does not. Also, the Sphynx is born bald and most Peterbalds are not. I have not noticed a breed spotlight in which the wrong breed was pictured in past issues.

Amanda Carpenter; Manistee, Mich.

Courtesy of Byrl Warren
Safe Kittens

My daughter brought home a mother and her three 4-day-old kittens. We believe Momma kitty was abandoned because of her pregnancy.

We thought animal lovers everywhere would enjoy seeing the attached picture.

This picture was taken when the kitten was 10 days old. As you can see, they are safe, warm and well.

Kate Dulik; Morrison, Colo.

All God’s Creatures

As a first time cat mom, I was delighted to receive a CAT FANCY subscription for my birthday. When the first issue arrived I could hardly wait to begin reading all the informative articles to help me learn and become more knowledgeable in the care that my two little fur girls deserve. What a great birthday gift from my friend. She also loves all God’s creatures and volunteers many hours of her time each month at Crash’s Landing. One of your features in my very first issue was dedicated to Crash’s Landing  and its sister facility, Big Sid’s Sanctuary (May 2008 issue).

Both are nonprofit, no-kill cat rescue and placement centers in Grand Rapids, Mich. Though reluctant at first, it was my pleasure to visit Big Sid’s last month. Dr Jen and the wonderful volunteers are all very special people. I did not leave Big Sid’s that afternoon with a feeling of sadness, as I'd feared I would. Quite the opposite, it’s a happy home with friendly, outgoing, and loving cats who interact easily not only with people, but also with each other. I was absolutely amazed by the entire atmosphere and cleanliness of the facility. It’s quite refreshing to realize in this fast-paced world of today there are still so many kind and caring people as those I encountered during that visit. God bless them all.

Bev; Grand Rapids, Mich.

Courtesy of Byrl Warren
From Their Perch

We built the kitty sisal perch for which you so graciously provided directions in CAT FANCY. Our rescued cats Casey and Aaron (pictured) just love lounging there and watching the birds on our back porch. We also attached a few of their favorite toys to the perch.

Ruth and Harold Rudnick; via e-mail

A Life Saver

Thank you for again publishing an update on feline urinary blockages. About ten years ago, a cat I’d rescued developed this problem. I was fortunate enough to see him straining in the litterbox and knew what the problem was because of a previous article I’d seen in CAT FANCY.

Because we rushed Pavarotti to the vet immediately, the staff was able (in this instance) to get him to pass the stone. He was put on a special diet — though he did his best to scam regular food from the other cats — and lived a happy and healthy life for another decade.

Though we lost our big lover boy last summer to an unrelated illness, we know he never would have had those ten years without informative articles such as this in CAT FANCY. We cherish every moment we had with him and believe other cat parents would likely feel the same way.

Sandi Cain and Craig Dusenberry; Laguna Beach, Calif.


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Linda    Navarre, FL

9/12/2008 7:05:17 PM

Thank you so much for featuring the no-kill shelter, Safe Haven for Cats, in your October issue. My precious Ginger, is one of their success stories. She needed special knee surgery before I could adopt her, and they searched out the best surgeon for her need. This is an example of how they care for any need a cat might have. As a former volunteer, I would rate this shelter as first class! Pam and her staff are totally dedicated to the welfare of cats. Ginger and I recently moved to Florida and wish continued success to this very special place that wraps their arms of love around felines.

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