Different Cat Breeds, Different Grooming Needs

It takes different strokes to groom longhaired and shorthaired cat breeds. See where the comb comes down on these cat coats.

By Stacy N. Hackett

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Maine Coon cat mixed breed cat
Maine Coon cats, like this Maine Coon mixed-breed cat, should get weekly brushings at minimum, with a steel comb for best results.
Balinese Breeders call the Balinese cat a “drip-dry” cat because of its manageable grooming requirements. This longhaired cousin of the Balinese stays in top form with daily brushing, which removes loose hair and helps prevent mats. With regular brushing, the breed may not need to be bathed.

Birman The pointed cat with the snowy white paws also features a longhaired, silky coat that resists matting. Breeders say the Birman cat’s flowing coat requires less care than you might believe, suggesting that owners brush or comb the breed at least once per week.

Cymric The longhaired cousin of the Manx, the Cymric cat boasts a genetic history that blesses it with many different coat lengths. Some longer-haired individuals require brushing 2-5 times per week, while Cymrics with shorter, shaggier coats can make do with weekly grooming sessions.

Maine Coon The large, stately Maine Coon cat is known for its beautiful, flowing coat. Owners can keep this coat in top shape with grooming sessions at least once a week if not every other day. Breeders recommend a steel comb for this task, and say that bathing is not a requirement.

Norwegian Forest Cat To survive in the harsh winter climate of its native land, the Norwegian Forest Cat developed a coat that features guard hairs and an undercoat. Depending on its coat texture, an individual cat may need combing and brushing every day or only once a week.

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Different Cat Breeds, Different Grooming Needs

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Joyce    Indianapolis, IN

8/19/2011 10:13:37 AM

Was so happy that you finally mentioned a "Weegie".
There seems to be lack of articles on them, other than the Weegie website.
I have a 7 yr.old that fortunately loves to be combed and brushed every day. The more I comb, the louder she purrs!

Fran    Mt. Morris, NY

8/19/2011 4:27:39 AM

Wonderful & informative article. I LOVE CATS!

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