Different Cat Breeds, Different Grooming Needs

It takes different strokes to groom longhaired and shorthaired cat breeds. See where the comb comes down on these cat coats.

By Stacy N. Hackett

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Persian and Himalayan cats, like this one, need regular grooming.
Persians and Himalayans The Persian cat’s beautiful long fur is its trademark, and keeping the coat in top condition requires regular grooming. The Himalayan cat, considered either a separate cat breed or a cat color pattern, has the same needs. To prevent mats, breeders recommend using a metal comb to comb from the roots out. This removes loose hairs at the root and should be done at least once per week if not more often.

Ragamuffin The sweet, gentle Ragamuffin cat possesses a flowing coat that is just as beautiful as its personality. The coat’s smooth texture helps it avoid matting, breeders say. They recommend occasional brushing to keep the coat looking its best.

Siberian While the Siberian cat’s dense, medium-length triple coat keeps the cat warm during harsh Russian winters, it requires regular brushing, breeders say. This helps prevent matting and removes loose hairs. Twice a year, the breed will shed more than usual and may need daily brushing to keep up with the shedding.

Turkish Angora Best known for its striking white coat, the Turkish Angora cat comes with many other colors and patterns gracing its silky long fur. The breed requires combing with a wide-toothed metal comb every 2-4 days to reduce ingestion of loose hair and stay looking its best.

Turkish Van As it evolved in the Lake Van area of Turkey, the Turkish Van cat developed a long, single coat that some breeders compare to bunny fur. The coat generally does not mat, breeders say, but may require weekly grooming especially around and under their front legs.

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