Different Cat Breeds, Different Grooming Needs

It takes different strokes to groom longhaired and shorthaired cat breeds. See where the comb comes down on these cat coats.

By Stacy N. Hackett

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Sphynx cat
Although hairless, the Sphynx cat requires grooming every few weeks.
Exotic The Exotic cat has the sweet expression and cobby body of the Persian without the high-maintenance coat. The cat breed’s short, plush coat may require occasional combing during shedding season, but daily combing is not required. Removing loose hair will help prevent the cat from developing hairballs.

Korat The gorgeous silver-blue fur of the Korat cat needs minimal grooming care, breeders say. The Korat has only a single coat of fur, which requires an occasional swipe of a brush or comb to look its best.

Manx Known for its unique tail-less appearance, the Manx cat features a shorthaired coat that requires minimal grooming. The low maintenance breed requires a good weekly combing or brushing, along with regular nail clipping.

Peterbald A more recent breed that originated in Russia, the Peterbald cat can have coats of varying lengths. The hairless varieties — bald and shami — may require occasional baths to remove dirt from their skin. The coated Peterbald cats — including the suede, velvet, brush and straight categories — enjoy petting sessions to remove loose hair.

Sphynx Many believe the hairless Sphynx cat does not require grooming because it has no hair. In fact, the breed’s body oils can collect on the skin and attract dirt, requiring baths every few weeks. The Sphynx tends to enjoy water, so the regular bathing can be enjoyable for both cat and owner.

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Different Cat Breeds, Different Grooming Needs

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Donna    Austin, TX

8/6/2011 8:56:23 AM

A Zoom Groom does well on both of my cats, one with a medium-long, double coat and the other with a short, slick coat.

Walt    Ludowici, GA

8/4/2011 10:07:33 AM


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