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Check out the finalists to CAT FANCY's Black Cat Photo Contest and see which cats almost made the cut. For winners, pick up the October 2012 issue of CAT FANCY.

By BowTie Editors | Posted: July 31, 2012, 6 p.m. EST

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Black Butte
John and Karen Mitchell
Tigard, Ore.

Our Black Butte was adopted from Cat Adoption Team and was named after a vacation resort in central Oregon. Butte is the sweetest, most loving little boy but often runs through the house chasing something that only he can see. He is then known as El Diablo.
Butte -- Black Cat Pictures
Lisa E. Jones
Toano, Va.

During Thanksgiving weekend in 2009, a brave, half-starved, amber-eyed, jet-black kitten stumbled into our barnyard demanding food and love. He got both. Jettson is Dad's and son's best bud and playmate, Mom's and daughter's cuddlebug, the dogs' sidekick, the horses' familiar and the other cat's peep.
Jettson -- Black Cat Pictures
Julie Ann Chill
Winter Park, Fla.

Special is playful and mischievous. She likes to watch the birds even though she is an indoor cat. She hides and pounces, which causes the birds to fly away. Her black coat is super shiny, and she looks absolutely regal when she is sitting on top of her cat tree.
Special -- Black Cat Pictures
Laurie Aguilar
Grover Beach, Calif.

When my husband and I moved into our present house in 2005, Joey kept showing up and I kept shooing him away. Even though Joey is a tomcat, my petite indoor female cat totally scares him! I think Joey never learned to play. He must be over 10 years old now.
Joey -- Black Cat Pictures
Christina Miller
Lone Tree, Colo.

Our family is constantly laughing at Molly's antics and her vampire face. She follows us from room to room all day long. She loves laps and being brushed. When I whistle, she comes running from wherever she has been napping. She's also very vocal – talking back to us when we talk to her.
Molly -- Black Cat Pictures
Bogie and Bacall
Cathy Sachs
Elkridge, Md.

At 7 months old, Bogie and Bacall were returned to the shelter for being too rambunctious. We adopted them in December of 2008. They both love sunning in the screen room and sitting on my lap while reading CAT FANCY.
Bogie and Bacall -- Black Cat Pictures
Graham and Debbie Smith
Canandaigua, N.Y.

I am a volunteer for the Humane Society at a local pet store. They brought Lulu in for adoption and she was petrified. She screamed when anyone touched her, but I noticed she didn't bit or scratch. She's been with us for over a year now.
Lulu -- Black Cat Pictures
Dreama Gardner
Sandston, Va.

Names Trouble (as in “here comes trouble), this former stray was hanging around a Richmond antique store where I was shopping last year. I ended up taking her home. She likes to climb trees, chase lizards and give kisses.
Trouble -- Black Cat Pictures
Devon Cattell
Boulder Creek, Calif.

When you have black carpets and black cats, it's sometimes hard to find them. One day, I looked everywhere and finally I found my sweet Nefret hiding in the hand towel basket on the kitchen counter.
Nefret -- Black Cat Pictures
Diane Rowe
San Francisco

I moved into my new house and saw a skittish black cat in my yard. Neighbors told me she had been abandoned years ago and was terrified of people. I put out food and water for her. She made a bed for herself in the bark under a tree and never left. We have bonded very strongly, and she's extremely affectionate. I never had a cat before, but I will from now on – especially a black one!
Cleo -- Black Cat Pictures
Donna Haaga
Kissimmee, Fla.

Superstitious of black cats no more! In September of 2011, we witnessed two men putting this kitten in a dumpster, so we rescued her. Our little angel helped my healing process as I was recovering from life-threatening surgery. Raven loves to lie on my chest, giving kisses while purring her loudest.
Raven -- Black Cat Pictures
Heather Flickinger
Charlotte, N.C.

We call Rambo “Velcro Kitty.” He is big, and he is handsome. When those big green eyes look at you, you melt. Rambo loves to be with us and never leaves our side. When he is happy, he stomps his back leg and shakes.
Rambo -- Black Cat Pictures
Denise Urbain
Lansing, Mich.

We found Jack at a pet store during a “black cat clearance.” He was 12 weeks old. He has a very large personality and loves to be in charge. We call him our “helper,” as he thinks he has to be in on everything. Good, bad and even arrogant, we wouldn't trade him for the world.

Jack -- Black Cat Pictures
Jeni Hansen
Tacoma, Wash.

My husband, Rick, met Blackie at his work warehouse in Seattle. First, he shared his lunch with him, then eventually fed her regularly. On long cold weekends, we made special trips to leave her food. When Rick was laid off, we decided to bring Blackie home, and we are so happy we did.

Blackie -- Black Cat Pictures
Jessica Langer
Albuquerque, N.M.

A local rescue group was concerned that Sammy would be difficult to place because he had three strikes against him: he's FeLV-positive, he has three legs and he is black. These didn't count as strikes in our book, though. Sammy is one of the sweetest, best-natured cats we've ever known.
Sammy -- Black Cat Pictures
Chaplain Karen J. Cohen
Rockledge, Fla.

As a 7-month-old kitten, Mumbai was dumped at the shelter. No attempts were made to find him a forever home because “no one wants a black cat.” This Bombay lookalike has bright yellow eyes and moves quietly and stealthily like a ninja. He's our newest family member.
Mumbai -- Black Cat Pictures
Moon and Boo
Kathy, Kayla and Ryan Blaisure
Hallstead, Pa.

Our lives our graced by two black cats. Eight-month-old sisters Moon and Boo are the queens of the house. They enjoy ruling over our 5-year-old German Shepherd, Princess, letting her know where she can sleep and when she can eat.

Moon and Boo -- Black Cat Pictures
Krista Beth Feltz
Barker, N.Y.

When Bear was a kitten, he looked just like a little black bear cub. He doesn't think of himself as a cat but rather a human and part of the family. He even has his own chair at the kitchen table where he sits and enjoys “coffee time” with the family in the morning.
Bear -- Black Cat Pictures
Kim Sitton
Pensacola, Fla.

Crescent's favorite activities are playing fetch, riding on our shoulders like a parrot and leaping (he has a vertical leap of 8 feet). He also likes rolling around in the bathtub – with no water in it, of course.
Crescent -- Black Cat Pictures
Kimberly Wenger
Ephrata, Pa.

Fergie came to us at 6 months of age from a rescue. She is our force of nature, intent on total house destruction one minute, snuggled up purring in my lap the next. We love her dearly and appreciate the life and laughter she brings to our home.

Fergie -- Black Cat Pictures
Karen Kuhlman
Dayton, Ohio

I found Maya outside about three months after my feline soul mate passed. Maya charmed me by hopping right up on my lap the first time I met her. She reminded me of the cat I had just lost, so I had to bring this miniature panther into my life.
Maya -- Black Cat Pictures
Nitro, Snickers and Phoenix
Jennifer Lange
Knoxville, Tenn.

One black beauty? Please. We have three! Nitro, Snickers and Phoenix are brothers and the best of buddies. We rescued them from a “free kittens” ad, and they ended up staying permanently. But it's OK – three black cats means three times the good luck!
Nitro, Snickers and Phoenix -- Black Cat Pictures
Mickey, Megan, Mitzy, Molly and Madison
Margie and Don Croall
San Jose, Calif.

These are five little kittens that were rescued and then fostered by us through our local Humane Society. We don't know what happened to their mother, and they were only 5 weeks old when they came to live with us. We had to put collars on them because we couldn't tell them apart.
Mickey, Megan, Mitzy, Molly and Madison -- Black Cat Pictures
Michele A. Bialecki
Ithaca, N.Y.

Stewart was adopted from the local SPCA. He was found abandoned in a box in nearby Stewart Park. He has the quirky habit of carrying socks that he steals from the laundry basket or my dresser drawer and lays them at my feet to admire.
Stewart -- Black Cat Pictures
Michelle Sihrer
Aberdeen, S.D.

Raven came into my life as an orphan at 4 weeks old. I was fostering him but fell in love. Not a day goes by that this cat doesn't make me smile. I'm so lucky to have Raven in my life.
Raven -- Black Cat Pictures
Steve and Noel Church
Simpsonville, S.C.

We adopted Angel eight years ago from the Humane Society. He was a small kitten and very sick, but my husband nursed him back to health. We decided to name him Angel, as he was a gift from heaven. He knows no strangers. What a blessing he has been!
Angel -- Black Cat Pictures
Bob and Sharon Skripol
Glastonbury, Conn.

She was from a shelter … 3 months old, feral, scrawny and scared. We named her Abbie. She is beautiful, intelligent, filled with unconditional love and so sweet. Now, 13 years later, we love her even more for the precious joy she continually brings to my life every day.
Abbie -- Black Cat Pictures
Colorado Springs, Colo.

My husband surprised me with a cat he adopted from the Humane Society before he left for a year to Afghanistan. They warned us that she was sick, but we lovingly nursed her back to health. She has been wonderful company to me while my husband has been in Afghanistan, and I can't imagine this year with her cuddles and love.
Marina -- Black Cat Pictures
Susan Perkins
Biloxi, Mo.

Magic found us in 2001. He was a neighborhood stray who had chosen our house and yard as his home. Magic loves the outdoors and likes to survey his domain perched atop the fence, and he enjoys napping on his bench in the garden. He is a loyal and faithful companion.
Magic -- Black Cat Pictures
Janet Carson
Harpers Ferry, W.V.

Ashlyn loves attention and always likes to be near me. She's lovable and likes to be petted by people she knows; but she is a real scaredy cat around those she does not know. She likes to chase butterflies.

Ashlyn -- Black Cat Pictures
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Allison    Manchester, NH

10/1/2013 5:55:36 AM

Please, I'm looking to love a Black Cat or two. Can you tell me where to find a kitten or very young Adult to give a very good home too. We live here in New Hampshire.

Evelyn.    Beamsville, ON

8/23/2012 8:05:29 AM

I love black cats. Where I live there are so many black cats up for adoption. One of my kitties will always be black. Blackie died 2 years ago. He was only 6 years old. Now I have adopted another black cat for a companion for Molly. Jasper is 2 now and the clown of the fammily.

Cherie    Ballwin, MO

8/19/2012 10:14:31 AM

Loved seeing the pictures of all the beautiful black cats. I have a black cat, named Magic, and I know how difficult it is to get a good photo of them. I always say that when he closes his eyes his whole face disappears! I have had many cats in my life, but only one black cat so far. I have loved each and every one of them, but black cats are special!

Carrie    League City, TX

8/18/2012 5:45:35 AM

Love black cats. Had one 25 years ago, and just adopted one a year ago. Missed the deadline to enter her in the contest.

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