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September 2009 Cat Shows
See when the next cat show is coming to a city near you.

Profile of a Spoiled Cat
Are you encouraging your cat's bad behavior? Learn how to avoid spoiling your cat.

CAT FANCY - How to Understand "Cat"
Knowledge of the feline language can strengthen the cat/owner bond. Learn to recognize the meaning in your pet's meows and actions.

Scratching the Surface
Understanding this basic behavior can salvage your furniture and save your relationship with your cat.

Your Anxious Cat
Separation anxiety can cause your cat to act out. Here's how to identify and treat this condition.

When Spoiling Goes Too Far
Too much food, too few rules--has your lax behavior helped you create a monster? Find out if your cat is spoiled.

Treats and Behavior
Want to change your cat's behavior? Use treats to reward good behavior and encourage your cat to adopt new habits.

Helping Your Cat Cope With Change
At one time or another, cats, like people, have to cope with changes in their lives. These tips can help you make the new experiences more pleasant for your pet.

King of the Countertops
With gentle discouragement, you can teach your cat to stay off counters and tables. Follow these tips to keep your cat on the ground.

Quick Tips: Furniture Repellent
Bitter Apple leaves a bad taste in your cat's mouth and can help prevent it from scratching your furniture.

A Scratching Outlet
Giving your cat a place to scratch early on may help prevent household damage. Learn about the different types of scratching objects.

Breed Traits
Your cat's hunting and marking behaviors can be traced to its wild ancestors.

12 Steps to Stop Strange Chewing Behaviors
Learn how to redirect or discourage your cat's unusual chewing habits.

Is My Cat Sick?
Cats are masters at hiding signs of illness. Learn how to play detective and recognize these warning signs.

Where Did the Love Go?
A move into a new house has broken the bond between a cat and a dog. Can they be friends again?

CAT FANCY - Cats of Eden
Buenos Aires finds solutions to the age-old challenge with stray
cat colonies.

CAT FANCY - Rescue of the Month
From Virginia with Love

CAT FANCY - What Vaccinations Does My Cat Need?
Know the essentials for your kitten?s health.

CatChannel Exclusive - Meet Author Clea Simon
Find out the inspiration behind her latest book, Cattery Row.

CatChannel Exclusive - Artist and Author Cynthia von Buhler Talks about Her Cats
Click on the photos to enlarge them and the links below them to hear artist Cynthia von Buhler, author of the children's book The Cat Who Wouldn't Come Inside, talk about some of her cats. You can see a couple of the cats in her music video, “Come Inside Kitty!” To find out more about her book, go to

CAT FANCY - An Artist by Every Definition
Cynthia von Buhler?s latest work comes in the form of her children?s book, The Cat Who Wouldn?t Come Inside.

CAT FANCY - Purr-fect Pals
Patience and respect go a long way to develop a good relationship between your cat and kids.

CAT FANCY - Orphan Basics
Learn the fundamentals to care for a motherless kitten.

CAT FANCY - Handling a Needy Kitty
Help your new kitten transition smoothly into its new home.

CatChannel Exclusive - How to Introduce a New Kitten to a Needy Kitten
Five simple tips to make the introduction go smoothly.

CAT FANCY - Take Home the Gold & Silver
These Persians win your heart every time.

CAT FANCY - No Need for a Needle
Transdermal vaccines provide a shot-free alternative.

CAT FANCY - Readers' Letters
See more readers' letters to CAT FANCY magazine.

Bringing Home Baby
A buyer's guide for all new kitten owners.

Editor's Note
Dependent Souls

Don?t Eat That!
The 12 most dangerous things your cat should never consume.

Foster Focus
Furry Foster Parents: Family dogs help care for cats.

Home Life
Boys vs. Girls: Feline Personalities

Interview with a Pet Psychiatrist
A veterinary behaviorist explains how a consultation could help your cat.

Into the Tiger?s Den: A Cat Writer?s Regret
Brad Kollus reflects on his interaction with Siberian tigers and a lion in captivity.

Kitten Basics
Proven methods to safely introduce your kitten into your family and home.

Kitty Cat Boot Camp
Teach a new cat new tricks!

Listen up: Kitten Podcast
Kitten expert Dusty Rainbolt provides vital information about your kitten's life stages.

Man on a Mission
A kitty's best friend: Jeremy Powers finds homes for Florida strays and special-needs cats.

Meet the Editors of "The Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health"
Editor Cynthia Kahn and Associate Editor Scott Line divulge the inspiration behind the book.

Natural Cat
Off to a Great Start: Raise your kitten holistically.

New Products for Cats and their People
Plus! Elisa?s Essentials

What Role Does Your Cat Play in Your Life?
Take our quiz to explore the intricacies of your relationship with your cat.

CAT FANCY Reader Letters
See more readers' letters to CAT FANCY magazine.

Rescue of the Month
Born to Win: Rescue becomes show champion.

Breed Profile: Siamese
Siamese epitomize elegance and grace.

Test Your Tiger Knowledge
Take our quiz to determine how much you know about tigers.

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