CAT FANCY Table of Contents for September 2009

Posted: September 15, 2009




CAT FANCY September 2009

September 2009

6 | Your Internet Source for CAT FANCY Content and More
Plus: Cat Trick Video Contest Winner
By Nikki Batalis

10 | Natural Cat
Ease arthritis pain.
By Lisa Hanks

13 |  Health News
By Ruth MacPete, DVM

14 | A Long and Healthy Life 
Tips to make the most of your cat's golden years.
By Dusty Rainbolt

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20 | Oldest Living Cat
Contest Results.
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22 | Breed Profile: Czar Quality
These A-list cats traveled from Russia to star in the cat fancy.
By Elisa Jordan 

25 | Breed Snapshot: Long on Personality
Manx enthusiasts claim the cat's larger-than-life personality makes up for its lack of a tail.
By Stacy N. Hackett

27 | Home Life
Cats can get upset when their favorite people are away.
By Sandy Robins

28 |  The Best of Friends
Cat ownership teaches kids responsibility, respect and compassion – and gives them a friend for life.
By Rebecca Sweat

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32 |   Pet Memorials
Ways to say goodbye to your beloved friend
By Erika Sorocco

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34 | Rescue of the Month
After a rough start, Ashley finds a loving home.
By Bonnie L. Hazen

35 | Foster Focus
One woman creates a safe harbor for Oahu's free-roaming cats.
By Cimeron Morrissey

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1 | Editor’s Note  
4 | Reader Letters
8 | Ask the Behaviorist
12 | Ask the Veterinarian
36 | Cat Calendar
38 | |Feline Boutique, Ad Index
34 | Sadie, Coming in CF
40 | Gallery of Breeds
40 | Coming in CF
47 | Cat Breeder Directory
60 | Classified Ads
62 | Reader Photos, Cats for Kids, Sadie
64 | Garfield Weighs In
63 | Book Club
64 | Garfield Weighs In

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