Spoiled and Shameless

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CatChannel's spoiled and shameless cat MargoMargo

We have two cats. One big boy cat named Mickey and one small girl cat named Margo. Margo is our truly spoiled cat. We got Margo from the Humane Society. Margo likes to play fetch. She will meow for us to throw the ball or mouse. We are expected to throw the ball or mouse repeatedly. She will meow endlessly if we don’t. She even expects us to throw it if we are sleeping, and we usually obey.
Margo expects drinking water from the refrigerator. If it’s not from the fridge, she will snub it. She expects to be served food at the same time as Mickey. If this does not happen she will walk away from the dish in disgust. She will not eat kitty treats unless we smash them up for her. Margo has a perfectly nice pet bed, but she will not sleep in it. She would rather sleep on my husband’s pillow with him. She expects everyone who comes to visit to pay attention to her.
Margo meows for us to open the windows in our home. She will beg until we do. She will not share her toys with Mickey, but she expects me to share my soda pop with her. She sticks her nose and whiskers in my glass and takes a drink.

Margo picks on Mickey, and she expects us to believe that it was all Mickey’s fault. We love her, but living with a princess is sure hard work!

Melissa and  Scott Barton
LaCrosse, Wis.

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