Top 5 Litterbox Problems Solved

Many cat owners biggest complaints center around the litterbox. CAT FANCY asked several experts for the top five litterbox gripes they hear from cat owners and how to solve them.

By Laura Lee Bloor

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Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where all cats were toilet-trained? Unfortunately, until that magical day arrives, we and our cats are stuck with litterboxes, and the complications that can accompany them. That's why we asked several pet experts to answer the five most common complaints they encounter.

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Top 5 Litterbox Problems Solved

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Reader Comments

CatChannel Editor    Irvine, CA

6/5/2013 9:19:10 AM

Debra -- You've taken several key steps to preventing your cat from returning to this area to urinate and the problem persists. How frustrating! We commend you on your positive attempts, however, and hope that this situation will remedy shortly.

Your idea of quarantining your cat from the rest of the house for a period of time sounds good in theory -- would give the affected area of the floor time to properly air out and reduce the urine smell that attracts your cat in the first place. If there is a place, room or area in your house filled with ample food, water and toys where your cat won't feel left out of the family, you might try this. Give it a week and see if there is a change.

Question: The entryway you speak of, is it near a door to the outside? If you are in an area that has wild animals, your cat could be marking her territory to fend them off.

Debra    Georgetown, SC

6/4/2013 5:34:07 PM

My female cat is 14 years old. She has been sharing a litter box with her brother who is the same age. For the past two weeks, the female cat has been urinating on the wood floor at an entrance door. I took her to the vet, and he said she has a urinary tract infection. She has been on the antibiotic Baytril for a week. She still continues to urinate on the same area. I have added a second litter box, placed a carpet runner bottom side up, used tinfoil, and placed oranges on that area. It doesn't matter. She still continues to urinate there. We have thought about getting a small house pen that dogs use, making her stay in there and slowly let her back in the house. Is this a good idea? We are constantly cleaning this area 4-5 times per day, and we are at our wit's end! Please help!

Lynn    Long Pond, PA

1/1/2011 4:22:07 PM

Forgot to mention they have access of whole house any room they want and their own beds and can sleep with us if they want, yes we spoil them, but we are also neat and clean and I always vacuum and clean the floors and couches and don't mind, they are our babies, my son is grown and married for years.

Lynn    Long Pond, PA

1/1/2011 4:19:55 PM

My cats (sisters-both spayed & 2 yrs old) we don't know which one is doing it. We give them sooo much love and affection, they even have their own room on the main floor with 2 litter boxes always spotless with same litter since they were little. I noticed the last couple months on our bedroom carpet a few feet from their room we have been smelling cat urine and once in awhile step in it (yukky)neither has urination issue - been to vet, can't figure out what's wrong, clean/same litter/no stress known to either of us, no kids at home, rural area with little or no company, tons of toys and play time, they love and get along great together???? Any suggestions? Thank you.

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