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CAT FANCY - February 2006

February 2006

18 | Remarkable Resemblance
Ever wonder who's controlling whom with your pets? Some experts say cats can develop characteristics unique to family members, even physical features. Find out how this phenomenon is possible.
PLUS: "Cat-Owner Look-Alike" Contest
by Michael J. Herman

20 | Top 20 Reel Cats of All Time
Writer Craig Reid set out to find the most notorious and successful felines in the film and television industry. The results may surprise you.
by Craig Reid

22 | The Maine Event
Were Maine Coons bred with bobcats? Are they the descendents of raccoons? Discover the true origins of this mysterious, classic cat.
by Eve Adamson

26 | Dating Advice for Cat Owners
"Dating is stressful enough, but as a pet owner it can be even more difficult," says relationship expert Amy Kean. Your relationship with your cat can play an important role in your relationship with a significant other. Learn the dos and don'ts of dating as a cat owner.
by Charlotte Reed

30 | Who Says I Can't?
Emily Harris's cat, Weaver, was born with a birth defect that resulted in paralysis of her lower body. When most doctors recommended euthanasia, Harris said no -- Weaver had too much spirit. Read about Weaver's extraordinary and inspiring life as a paraplegic cat.
by Emily Harris

32 | Fictitious Felines Make Their Mark
Cats have appeared in stories as long as there have been books. From Edgar Allen Poe to Agatha Christie to Lilian Jackson Braun, cats have been central characters in stories. Learn how cats crossed some of literature's most famous paths.
by Clea Simon

36 | Legal Lowdown
Can your neighbors sue you and your cat? Is your cat property? Are you responsible for your cat hurting others? Our exclusive article tells you.
by Neeraja Viswanathan

38 | Mystery Motor
Common knowledge tells us that cats purr because they are happy. However, that's just one of the many reasons and benefits to purring. Writer Sharon Van Zandt clues us into the mystery behind how and why cats purr.
by Sharon Van Zandt

40 | How to Pet Your Pet
It's no secret that cats love to be petted, but do you know where your cat likes to be petted most? Learn all the scratches and rubs guaranteed to hypnotize your pet.
by Anne Leighton

42 | Say Ahh!
If your cat is a drooler, it could be a health warning that something is wrong. Discover the dangers that drooling might signal.
by Arnold Plotnick, DVM

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10  | IN THE MEWS: All the mews that’s fit to meow

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Cat Clinic

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48  | Crafty Cats: Express your creativity with these easy hand-made gift bags.

Feline Funnies

60  | Tiger's Tales
by Stu Hample

Cats For Kids

83  | Pictures, Stories and Poems

PLUS: "Why I Love My Cat" Contest

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