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CAT FANCY - March 2006

March 2006

24 | British Invasion
The history of the British Shorthair will fascinate you. This lovable, regal breed has ties to a famous fictitious feline. Find out which one and why.
by Elisa Jordan

28 | A Hong Kong Tale
The battle against feral cat overpopulation isn't just a national one; it’s global. Discover how an island south of Hong Kong has employed new methods combat it.
by Joshua Samuel Brown

34 | Campus Cats
Auburn University was once a haven for stray cats. Thanks to students, faculty and the community’s efforts to curb feral cat overpopulation through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs, cats are welcome visitors on campus. Read their success story.
by Mary Lou Simms

36 | Backyard Babies
You’ve seen the adorable stray cat dart into the bushes as soon as you open the door. How can you transform this wild, scared cat into a loving, soothed pet? We’ll show you how to work with the cat to make this transition.
by Kristin Grant

38 | URIs and Your Cat
Upper respiratory infections (URIs) are common among cats adopted from shelters. However they are rarely a serious threat to your new cat’s health. Learn how to conquer them.
by Ruth MacPete, DVM

42 | Cats' Best Friend
Sometimes dogs know best. Meet Wuffy, a cat-rescuing canine. For more than 10 years, Wuffy has rescued and “nursed” various kittens and cats. Wuffy isn’t the first super-dog; the late Ginny rescued more than 900 cats during her 17 years. Read their remarkable tales.
by Kari Winters and Laura Lee Bloor

44 | Gigi's New Life
Gigi and her brother Stan were once cowering kittens struggling to survive in the wrath of Hurricane Katrina. Stan bounced back from the traumatic experience; Gigi was not so fortunate. Read about Gigi’s struggle to overcome her fears and her inspiring inner strength and courage.
by Dusty Rainbolt

45 | The Wake of Reform
In response to the separation between pets and owners during Hurricane Katrina, Newt Gingrich is making news with his support for the Pet Evacuation Transportation Standards (PETS) Act. Learn more about this bill in CAT FANCY’s exclusive interview.
by Dusty Rainbolt

48 | Marjan -- Not Forgotten
Marjan, a lion in the Kabul Zoo in Afghanistan, was a symbol of strength and courage to an area bombarded with war, explosions and gunfire. See how his life inspired others to save exotic animals.
by Sally A. Roberts

50 | I Love You to Death
Rescuing cats is a compassionate thing to do, but when a person owns more than he or she can properly care for, it’s probably part of a mental disorder. This phenomenon, coined “cat-hoarding,” is a real and serious problem in the mental health field. Discover who is at risk and what symptoms are.
by Kelly L. Stone

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by Stu Hample

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