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CAT FANCY - April 2006

April 2006

22 | Floppy Fun
The loveable Ragdoll is the perfect cuddle buddy. These playful cats keep owners entertained with their outgoing personalities. Perfect for “dog people,” many Ragdolls enjoy splashing in the water and playing a game of “fetch.”
by Carly James

26 | City of Cats
Cats normally aren’t the first thing one associates with Ireland. But in the small Irish town of Kilkenny, cats are as much a part of the heritage as their fighting spirit. Discover the rich and fascinating feline links with Kilkenny’s history.
by Mindy Farabee

30 | Fetid Felines
Do you have a smelly kitty? Discover what causes unpleasant odors and how to banish them for good.
by Arnold Plotnick, DVM

34 | The Age for Altering
Learn the truth behind what age is best to have your kitten spayed or neutered. The latest recommended age might surprise you.
by Ramona Marek

38 | Bringing Home Baby
An all-in-one look at everything you need for your new kitten. Find out the best way to introduce the kitten to fellow family members too.
by Leslie J. Wyatt

40 | Safe Home
The average home is loaded with common chemicals that can be lethal to your cat. Learn what they are and how to protect your kitten.
by Lindsey Hadwin

42 | Cats’ Play
Every kitten needs lots of play and exercise to stay healthy. Discover the latest and greatest toys for your new little tiger.
by Charlotte Reed

44 | Walk This Way
Leash-training your kitten is much easier than most pet owners think. It only takes four simple steps and some repetition.
by Laura Lee Bloor

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From Our Readers

6  | PURRS & HISSES: Reader letters

6  | NEW! Letter of the Month

8   | PLUS: Vocal Cat Contest Announcement

10  | FLIGHTS OF FANCY: From Throw-Away to Supreme, The Orange Cat Convention, The Cat’s House

New For You

12  | IN THE MEWS: All the mews that’s fit to print.

14  | WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? New feline products

15  | CURL UP WITH KITTY: New books

Cat Clinic

16  | ASK THE VET: Encouraging Social Behavior

Humane Matters

18  | PURRSONALITIES: Second Loves

20  | HOMELESS TO HOUSECAT: Bagheera Finds Sanctuary

Crafty Cats

by Conni Gordon

Cats for Kids

47  | Pictures, Stories and poems

Feline Funnies

48  | Tiger's Tales
by Stu Hample

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