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CAT FANCY - May 2006

May 2006

20 | When Allergies Attack
Just because you’re allergic to cats doesn’t mean you can’t have them. Laura Lee Bloor explores the various methods of defense against allergies and how to keep them under control.
by Laura Lee Bloor

22 | Patterned Perfection
Tabby and tortoiseshell-patterned Persians add a colorful twist to the classic breed. Find out what “tortie-tude” is and if a tabby or tortie is right for you.
by Eve Adamson

26 | Parasite Protection
Fleas and ticks are a common and irritating problem for pets and owners. Veterinarian Arnold Plotnick breaks down the flea’s life cycle to show when flea control treatments are most effective.
by Arnold Plotnick, DVM

30 | Feline-Friendly Designs
Decorating has never been so fun for you or your cat with these affordable and trendy tips from Cat Behaviorist Consultant Ingrid Johnson and her husband Designer Jake Egolf. Instructions are included so you can replicate their ideas into your home.
by Kelly L. Stone

33 | Coolest Cat Home Contest Announcement
Is your house cooler than Ingrid and Jake’s? Would a cat give its ninth life to live there? If so, let us know!

34 | Keep it Clean
Pet Expert Charlotte Reed shares her favorite products to keep her cat-friendly home sparkling.
by Charlotte Reed

36 | Fang Shui
You may be familiar with the Eastern philosophy on interior decorating known as feng shui. See what cats’ reactions are to this with their version known as “fang” shui.
by Betty Sleep

40 | Outdoor Adventures
Outdoor enclosures and playscapes can be a fun and healthy environment for your cat. Sandy Meyer shares the information you need to know before you make the investment
by Sandy Meyer

42 | Life Lessons
Your cat can teach you a lot if you slow down enough to pay attention to it. Discover all that you may be missing.
by Julia Jubb Luretig

46 | Snaps to You!
The Annual Cat and Kitten Photo Contest results are in! Find out who has the most beautiful cat and kitten photos.

50 | Harmony Home
Believe it or not, cats and dogs can live together peacefully. Cherie Langlois tells you how.
by Cherie Langlois

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From Our Readers

6  | PURRS & HISSES: Reader letters, Letter of the Month

8   | FLIGHTS OF FANCY: Wally, Max, Felix

New For You

10  | IN THE MEWS: All the mews that’s fit to meow

12  | WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? New feline products

13  | CURL UP WITH KITTY: New books

Cat Clinic

14  | THE NAKED CAT: Second Opinion on Herbal Product

16  | ASK THE VET: Litterbox Avoidance

Humane Matters

18  | HOMELESS TO HOUSECAT: Thankful Reunio

20  | PURRSONALITIES: There's No Place Like Home ... Except the Cat Nap Inn

Cats for Kids

57  | Kids' pictures, stories and poems

Feline Funnies

83  | Tiger's Tales
by Stu Hample

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