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CAT FANCY - July 2006

July 2006

20 | Remarkable Rescues
See who won our extraordinary Rescue Me contest.

22 | An American Shorthair Tale
Meet the patriotic hero of the cat world. These energetic, athletic cats have many surprises in store for their families.
by Elisa Jordan


26 | Living Naturally with Your Cat
Going organic is one of the latest trends for how we eat. Many pet owners recognize the benefits all-natural diets give them and are applying their nutritional knowledge to their pets. See some options available for your cat.
by Charlotte Reed

30 | Spaw Day
Who doesn’t love a great massage? Specialist Maryjean Ballner shares her best massage techniques to give your cat.
by Maryjean Ballner

32 | CAM 4-1-1
If you’re like many cat owners, you may have reservations about using complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) on your cats. Our comprehensive guide shows you everything you need to know about CAM and its various uses.
by Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS and Brenda McClelland, DVM

36 | Mythological Cats
Cats have appeared in ancient religions all around the world. Delve into the revered forms they took and the significance they held to various cultures.
by Ramona Marek

42 | Let’s See Some ID
Which method of identification is best for your pet? Are simple ID tags enough?
by Linda A. Odum

44 | Seeing Double
Sure many kittens from the same litter look alike, but identical twins are truly a special occurrence. Find out how they occur.
by Leslie J. Wyatt

46 | (Cat) Nip/Tuck
As the number of human cosmetic surgeries increase, so do cat cosmetic surgeries. Don’t panic just yet. The majority of cosmetic surgery for cats is to correct or fix health problems. However, a special prosthetic for male cats is sure to catch your attention …
by Sandy Robins

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From Our Readers

6  | PURRS & HISSES: Readers' letters

8  | Most Spoiled Cat Contest Announcement

9  | FLIGHTS OF FANCY: Searching for Moe

New For You

10  | IN THE MEWS: Garfield’s Bigger and Better, The Truth About Toxoplasmosis

12  | CURL UP WITH KITTY: New books

13  | WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? New feline products

Cat Clinic

14  | THE NAKED CAT: Healthy Approaches to Regularity

16  | ASK THE VET: A Sore Subject

Humane Matters

18  | PURRSONALITIES: Backstage Pass: An exclusive interview with CATS actress Claire Blakely.

19  | HOMELESS TO HOUSECAT: A Helping Hand in Helping Paws

Feline Funnies

83  | Tiger's Tales
by Stu Hample

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