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CAT FANCY - August 2006

August 2006

20 | Chatty Cattys
See more submissions to our Most Vocal Cat contest.

22 | Smooth Talkers
The Tonkinese breed is sure to please any cat lover. This social cat is an ideal house cat because they get along great with children and other pets. Be prepared for your Tonk to talk your ear off, as they are known to be quite chatty.
by Elisa Jordan

26 | Eager for Adoption
Although everyone loves the charm and adorable antics of a kitten, older cats need homes too. See why senior cats and special-needs cats could be the more appropriate choice for your home.
by Emily Harris

30 | Dangerous Drugs
Many over the counter (OTC) medications such as aspirin contain acetaminophen, which can be a lethal ingredient to your cat. See Dr. Plotnick's extended article on acetaminophen toxicity here.
by Arnold Plotnick, DVM

32 | Adopting the Unadoptable
Because feral cats are accustomed to the wild, they are often overlooked as a prime choice for a house cat. However, with proper precautions and lots of patience, feral cats can become part of your family. Jill Elaine Hughes shares how to help your feral friend make this transition.
by Jill Elaine Hughes

36 | Cover Cats
Do cat owners read more? Find out how fictional felines tend to boost book sales.
by Tracy Godsey

38 | World’s Oldest Cat Art
Writer Brad Kollus provides CAT FANCY readers with an exclusive look at cat cave artwork in southern France believed to be 35,000 years old. This makes these cave paintings the oldest known artwork in the world created 30,400 years before the pyramids.
by Brad Kollus

44 | Safe House
Your home is a source of refuge and comfort to you and your pet, but dangers may lurk just around the corner for your cat. Dusty Rainbolt shares common household scenarios and objects hazardous to your cat.
by Dusty Rainbolt

48 | Your Grieving Friend
When a friend loses a beloved pet, it can be difficult to know what to do. Find out what you can do to be a strong source of support and help your friend or loved one through this difficult time.
by Dusty Rainbolt

50 | Household Haven
Older cats need extra comfort. You can turn your home into a senior sanctuary with a few tips and tricks from writer Rebecca Sweat.
by Rebecca Sweat

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From Our Readers

6  | PURRS & HISSES: Readers' letters

8  | Oldest Cat Contest Announcement

10  | FLIGHTS OF FANCY: Sharpen Your Senses; Mystique

New For You

12  | IN THE MEWS: The New Puppykats: Rising Star or Bogus Breed?

14  | WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? New feline products

15  | CURL UP WITH KITTY: New books

Cat Clinic

16  | ASK THE VET: Good Grooming

Humane Matters

18  | PURRSONALITIES: Living the Dream: How Pet World's Steve Dale is making a difference.

19  | HOMELESS TO HOUSECAT: Found by a Cat Burglar



56  | Rhinestone Kitty Hoodie

Feline Funnies

63  | Tiger's Tales
by Stu Hample

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