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CAT FANCY - September 2006

September 2006

22 | Tailless Tales
The robust and playful Manx lacks a tail but not personality. Their bountiful energy will keep you entertained while their loyalty will steal your heart.
By Elisa Jordan

26 | Health and Beauty
Find out how to enter your cat in the Hill’s Science Diet Health Contest.

28 | Top 5 Litterbox Problems Solved
Many cat owners’ biggest complaints center around the litterbox. CAT FANCY asked several experts for the top five litterbox gripes they hear from cat owners and how to solve them.
By Laura Lee Bloor

32 | Cats at “The Office”
Anglea Kinsey embodies what true “cat ladies” strive to be; she’s warm, compassionate, talkative and encouraging — pretty much the polar opposite of the character she plays on NBC’s hit show “The Office.” CAT FANCY explores the differences between Angela Kinsey and Angela Martin. Go to CatChannel’s homepage to see exclusive interviews with Angela and an interview with Christopher Ameruoso, the photographer from her photoshoot.
By Susan Logan

38 | Always a Cat’s Choice
Learning your cat’s litter and litterbox preferences can be difficult with so many varieties available. CAT FANCY gives you the scoop on the latest in litter and accessories.
By Charlotte Reed

40 | Ear Ailments
Your cat’s sense of hearing is invaluable for keeping its instincts at their sharpest. Learn how to keep your cat’s ears healthy and detect problems with them early.
By Lori Sharn

44 | Cats in the Classroom
In addition to being pets and friends, cats can also act as valuable teaching tools. CAT FANCY explores the enrichment cats add to learning for children. As second grade teacher Mary Williams explains, “I find the kids are willing to do things for the cats that they don’t really want to do for me.”
By Hilary Parker

48 | Groomed to Perfection
Being a cat show judge puts you in the spotlight, so you had better be dressed to impress. CAT FANCY shares judges’ secrets on how to look your best.
By Mary Lou Simms

CatChannel Exclusive: Join the Judges’ Circle
The road to becoming a cat show judge isn’t for everyone. It’s a long, but rewarding one. Find out if it’s right for you.
By Mary Lou Simms

52 | Coolest Cat Home Contest
See more submissions to our Coolest Cat Home Contest. To see the winners, pick up the September issue of CAT FANCY.

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From Our Readers

6  | PURRS & HISSES: Readers' letters

8  | Win This Prize! You could win a Drinkwell kit!

10  | FLIGHTS OF FANCY: Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend; A Halloween Love Story

New For You

12  | IN THE MEWS: Snout-shaped Resuscitation Masks Help Cats Breathe Easier
By John V. Wood

13  | CURL UP WITH KITTY: New books

14  | WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT? New feline products

Cat Clinic

16  | ASK THE VET: Keeping Catnip Fresh

18  | NAKED CAT: Hazards of a Homemade Raw Food Diet

Humane Matters

20  | HOMELESS TO HOUSECAT: Molly Makes a Difference

21  | CATCHANNEL EXCLUSIVE: The Life of An Artist
By Elisa Jordan

Feline Funnies

65  | Tiger's Tales
By Stu Hample

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