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1 | Editor's Note: Happy Birthday, Cats USA!

The premier issue was pubished in 1994, which makes the 2008 edition our 15th issue! More>>
By Jackie Franza

8 | Meet 15 Fablulous Felines
Felines Purebreds are the supermodels of the cat world.
By Debbie Swanson

18 | First Impressions Count
15 tips for introducing a new cat to your other pets.
By Elaine Waldorf Gewirtz

26 | Cats Just Wanna Have Fun!
15 entertaining ways to play with your cat.
By Sandy Robins

32 | Your Cat's Health
How to keep your feline friend healthy from kittenhood through its senior years.
By Jon Geller, D.V.M.

40 | Is Your Cat Fat? 
Learn 15 ways to prevent feline obesity.
By Karla S. Rugh, D.V.M.

46 | Dental Care for Your Cats
Is it really worth it?
By Marcia King

54 | Heal Your Cat, Naturally
More owners are turning to alternative medicine to treat their pets.
By Lisa A. Hanks 

62 | 15 Expert Litterbox Tips
Take these steps to prevent, or solve, your cat's potty problems.
By Kim Campbell Thornton 

70 | No More Naughty Kitties
Learn how to correct common cat misbehavior.
By Farrell R. Clancy 

78 | 2007 Photo Contest Winners
Check out the winners of the Cats USA 20076 Photo Contest.

86 | Cats USA Through the Years 
2008 marks Cats USA's 15th birthday! Check out the different covers we've had over the years to see how we've changed.

92 | Come and See the Show
A cat show is a great place for cat lovers to spend the day.
By Lorraine Shelton

98 | Volunteers Needed
Want to help purebred cats in need? Consider assisting a local rescue group.
By Fran Hodgkins

  Cat Lovers’ Yellow Pages

16 | Your Breed Guide: A handy reference guide that will help you find a few cat breeds that might fit your lifestyle and personality.

25 | Keep Away! A list of some plants, trees, flowers and foods that are toxic to cats.

52 | Cats USA Buyers’ Guide: Grooming Essentials

68 | Cats USA Buyers’ Guide: Litter Essentials

76 | Cats USA Buyers’ Guide: Kitty Boutique

90 | Cats USA Buyers’ Guide: Gifts for cat lovers

104 | Kitty Directory: If you need information, you'll find it here.

108 | Shopper Directory

108 | Ad Index

110 | Directory of Breeds

143 | Gallery of Breeds

255 | Now You're Talkin' Cat: This basic list of cat lingo defines coat patterns, breeder terminology and anatomy to help you better understand the fancy.

256 | The End

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