Cats USA 2010

4 Around the World with 21 Breeds
Although they display traits influenced by their origins, these breeds share the qualities of affection and charm.
By Stacy N. Hackett

38 Feeding for Breed or Need?
Some cats can benefit from specialized diets that take breed differences into account.
By Jennifer DeVisme

46 Holistic Care for Senior Cats
Can alternative and complementary therapies rejuvenate your older cat?
                                                                     By Eve Adamson

56 In Search of the Right Litter
Finding the most appropriate litter for your household takes research and testing — and your cat’s final approval.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

64 Cat Checkup Checklist
A head-to-tail grooming guide to help keep your cat in good health
By Katie Costello

72 Peaceful Coexistence
Patience and know-how can help you introduce another happy, lifelong companion to your home.
By Lisa A. Hanks

80 Click It!
Anyone can teach cats simple tricks and train away unwanted behaviors.
By Marilyn Krieger

86 Cat Communication
Learn to read what your cat is telling you with his body language.
By Debbie Swanson

92 Breed Rescue 2.0
Learn to use social networking to help purebred cats in need.
By Janiss Garza

100 Breed Rescue Groups
Resources for adopting a rescued purebred cat

104 Create a Cat-Friendly Garden
Make a beautiful outdoor space for you and your feline friends.
By Marcia Passos Duffy

111 Poisonous Plants

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222 Ask the Cat Keeper
An excerpt from a new book on cat care.
By Marc Morrone


36 Your Breed Guide

112 Buyers’ Guide
Here are the latest and greatest supplies for your feline friends.
By Lindsay Hanks

122 Kitty Directory
If you need information, you’ll find it here.

127 2009 Photo Contest Results

132 Shoppers Directory

132 Ad Index

133 Directory of Breeders

157 Gallery of Breeds

220 Breeder Ad Index

224 Back Page

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