6 Pedigreed Distinction
The unique features of today's cat breeds satisfy the preferences of every potential cat owner.
By Stacy N. Hackett

38 Breed Rescues
Resources for adopting a rescued purebred cat.

42 A Walk Through History
The CFA Foundation is dedicated to preserving the cat fancy's past.
By Karen Lawrence

48 Wild Cat to House Cat
The fascinating history of how felines became domesticated.
By Sandy Robins

54 Names Can Be Deceiving
Genetics reveal different origins from what pedigreed monikers suggest.
By Carolyn M. Vella and John J. McGonagle

58 Saving Africa's Big Cats
Ongoing conservation efforts seek to help people and predators coexist.
By Kim Campbell Thorton

68 Call of the Wild
Meet the native cats of North America.
By Jalma Barrett

76 Choosing a Healthy Purebred Cat
Understand the medical risks associated with your cat's breed.
By Sharon Eisen, DVM

86 The Pill
Will oral contraceptives for feral cats ever be a realistic option?.
By Kim Campbell Thorton

94 The Cats' House
A San Diego couple adapts a small home to a large gang of cats.
By Sandy Robins

102 Feline Furniture
High-end cat trees, scratchers and beds are an investment in style and functionality.
By Elisa Jordan

122 Poisonous Plants

124 Naughty No More
Book excerpt: Cats with bathroom issues.
By Marilyn Krieger


36 Your Breed Guide

116 Buyers' Guide

130 2010 Photo Contest
Click here to see the results of the 2010 Cat's USA Photo Contest.

138 Kitty Directory
If you need information, you'll find it here.

143 Shopper Advertisements

144 Breeder Directory

163 Championship Section

165 Gallery of Breeds

206 Ad Index

208 End Note

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