6 Cat Care Basics
These independent pets still need their owners’ loving care.
By Dusty Rainbolt

14 Cats of Different Colors
Whether you prefer the elegance of a regal blue cat or the flash of a spotted cat, you’re sure to find a breed that suits you.
By Stacy M. Hackett

44 Your Breed Guide

46 A Tale of Two Breeders
Abyssinian breeder Carolyn Osier of Wil-o-glen and Jane Thompson of Celtic Ragdolls
By Janiss Garza

50 Two for the Show
Exotic breeder Amber Lea Morgan of Rarebreed Cattery and Kristine Alessio of Gottabello Savannahs
By Audrey Pavia

54 Breed Rescues
Resources for adopting a rescued purebred cat

58 Grooming the Next Generation
Cat organizations work to encourage young people to show cats.
By Sandy Robins

66 Sharing the Show Ring
Cat shows aren’t for pedigrees only — household pets can compete, too.
By Andrea Dorn

72 Unlocking the Code
A new genetic tool promises to boost feline medical knowledge.
By Rebecca Sweat

82 Asia’s Last Big Cats
The most powerful animals on the planet need our help to survive.
By Susan Logan and Brad Kollus

92 Purr Therapy
Cats deliver peace and purrs to those who need them most. Does your cat have what it takes?
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

98 Purrfect Pitch
Do cats hear music differently from the way we do?
By Eve Adamson

104 The Mythical Feline
Cats appear throughout world mythology as deities, guardians and monsters.
By Ramona D. Marek

108 Feline Fantasies
Four artists working in different media take inspiration from cats.
By Susan Chaney

114 Confessions of a Cat Collector
Instead of a real feline, this cat lover has dozens of figurines from around the world.
By Lee Arnold

120 Buyers’ Guide

126 2011 Photo Contest Results
Click here for information on entering the next Cats USA photo contest.

134 Cat Calls
Wonderful stories and practical advice from a veteran cat sitter
By Jeanne Adlon and Susan Logan

140 Kitty Directory
If you want information, you’ll find it here.

208 End Note
  146 Ad Index

146 Shopper Ads

147 Breeder Directory

167 Championship Section

168 Gallery of Breeds

206 Breeder Ad Index

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