Kittens USA 2009-2010



6 | All About CatChannel.com
A guide to our online resources for cat lovers.
By Nikki Batalis


8 | Popular Pedigrees
These 15 breeds have traits to meet almost any feline preference.
By Stacy N. Hackett



26 | Kitten-Proof Your Home
Think like a cat to eliminate household hazards.
By Kim Campbell Thornton

34 | Food for Life
Your cat’s nutritional needs vary at every life stage.
By Rebecca Sweat

42 | Love Those Treats
Giving goodies to your kitten can make you smile — and teach your pet a thing or two.
By Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

48 | Bath and Body
Develop a grooming routine that will last a lifetime.
By Sandy Robins

54 | Holisti-Kitten
In a toxic world, you can give your kitten a more natural life.
By Eve Adamson

60 | Litterbox Basics
Everything you need to know to convince your kitten to use the litterbox.
By Lisa A. Hanks


66 | Warning: Kitten at Play!
Simple tips to redirect your kitten’s hunting, stalking and pouncing instincts.
By Debbie Swanson

72 | Kitten Kindergarten
Lessons learned during the first year will benefit your cat for life.
By Helen Jablonski

78 | Happy Cat, Happy Home
Stylish home products come to the rescue when kitty misbehaves.
By Lindsay Hanks

84 | Bringing Home Baby
Here is a list of products to ensure your kitten’s transition to a new home is easy.
By Elisa Jordan

88 | Breed Rescues
Resources for adopting a rescued purebred cat.

90 | Kitty Directory
If you need information, you’ll find it here.

94 | Kittens USA 2008-2009 Photo Contest Winners
Check out the winners of last year’s contest and find out how to enter the 2010 contest.

  25 | Your Breed Guide

99 | Shoppers 

100 | Yearbook

102 | Gallery of Breeds

159 | Advertiser Index 

162 | Directory of Breeds 

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